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RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts, enable reduced stocks until the outbound distribution of the finished goods. Confidex tags are designed to endure chemicals, washing and high temperature during the manufacturing process.

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Confidex RFID tags enable increased automation in goods tracking at several phases in today’s manufacturing logistic chains.

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Ensuring raw materials and components are in the right location at the right time is crucial in ensuring effective production process. Inbound logistics may require robust tags for tracking bigger containers, disposable shipping labels for cardboard boxes or RFID enabled Kanban cards. Confidex portfolio offers a solution to all these needs.

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RFID enables real-time visibility and more accurate and automated inventories. Confidex portfolio is specifically designed to offer solutions for reliable item-level inventory of most challenging retail items.

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Challenges solved

Identify and track assets

We offer wireless identification of airport assets, like trolleys and roll-cages , so that you can optimize your airport’s asset management.

Add secure human readable data to traceable assets

Confidex RFID & NFC portfolio includes printable on-metal labels and hard tags with visual personalization options, e.g. data labels or brand authentication. You can also attach data or a web link to your asset.

Get visibility within the logistics chain

Confidex RFID tags enable increased visibility within the logistics chain. Our tag portfolio offers a wide variety of tags specifically designed to meet the requirements of managing Returnable Transit Items.

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Smart manufacturing at Volvo Cars

Confidex UHF tags on 10 million Volvo cars