We help retail industry to optimize and automate their processes and supply chain by providing real-time visibility to asset and item management. Our portfolio is designed to offer solutions for reliable item-level inventory of retail items that can be most challenging to track with standard passive RFID tags.

Retail applications

Sports equipment

Ferrowave Micro

Sports equipment can be some of the most challenging items to track due to special materials used. Any item involving metals requires a tag solution designed especially for such environment. This may include fully metallic items such as golf clubs or plastic items with metallic enforcement, such as ski boots.

Suitable products

Beauty and cosmetics

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Beauty and cosmetics items are generally involving metallic packaging or liquids which adds additional requirements for the used tag solution. They also require aesthetic and often customized solutions that fits the visual requirements of the packaging while performing well enough in high tag density environment.

Suitable products

Brand authentication

Retail Product Authentication

Brand authentication is important for high value goods. When there is more consumer interaction involved the technology used is often NFC. These tags can be read by mobile phone and enables several different benefits for retailer to increase consumer engagement from offering additional information about the item as well as serve as brand authentication. Dual-frequency products also offer a combination of RAIN RFID for logistics and NFC for consumer interaction.

Suitable products

Logistics and supply chain

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In retail industry there are a lot of different type of logistics applications in use. Confidex offering includes solutions from identifying individual cardboard boxes to heavy duty plastic or metallic reusable transport items and containers. For more insights of our offering and different applications visit our Logistics website:


Challenges solved

Accurate inventory and stock counting

RFID brings visibility and efficiency to inventory process. Automating the process enables more frequent inventory counting which increases the accuracy of data that is used for business critical decisions and ensures that items are always available for consumers. Compared to traditional barcode systems RFID enables inventorying hundreds of items at once without having them visible. In-store inventories can also be automated by robotic reader systems performing non-stop inventory rounds.

More efficient logistics and supply chain management

Visibility throughout the whole supply chain improves efficiency and enables more accurate just-in-time deliveries for all parties involved. Reduced manual handling of packages mitigates human errors.

Advanced self-checkout

Todays shopping process is more and more contactless. Using RFID during the self-checkout is adding another level of contactless shopping experience for consumers. Items are instantly and automatically read at the point of checkout which reduced time and hassle involved.


RFID can be used to improve the Electronic Article Surveillance systems offering meters of read range. Memory of IC can also be re-written at the point of checkout to indicate that the item is paid. In addition to giving an alarm that item has left the store, RFID system is able to also identify which exact item was taken to help recover them or replenish to avoid any missed sales.

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