We help industries to optimize and automate their production and supply chain management processes by providing real-time visibility to asset and component tracking and traceability.

Logistics applications


Returnable Transit Item Pooling

Plastic and metallic containers, roll cages and intermediate bulk containers are stored outdoors, handled roughly and facing washing processes – the RFID tag must tolerate all of the same elements. By giving a unique ID for every single container the reliability and efficiency of handling the whole RTI pool is taken to a new level.

Plastic pallets

Plastic Pallets

Tagging plastic pallets requires a robust tag that can withstand the mechanical impacts of forklifts handling the pallets. Carrier family offers both label and hard tag options. Industrial labels are optimal for pallets that offer protective slot for the tag. Hard tags are designed to withstand robust handling when no protection is given by the pallet structure.

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Plastic boxes

Carrier Pro

Boxes used to transmit various items from automotive componets to apples share same requirements for the tag. When same tag is recycled in the pool it needs to withstand all the washing processes of box itself. Carrier family offers variety of products designed for harsh industrial use with high end adhesive. eKanban is a specific product to tag VDA compliant plastic boxes in the automotive industry.

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ESD boxes


Tagging challenging materials such as ESD plastic requires a unique antenna design optimized for the material. Confidex portfolio offers VDA compliant eKanban labels for automotive industry as well as ESD label attached directly on ESD material.

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Metallic containers

Metallic Container

Confidex products can bring real-time visibility and efficiency on metallic container pooling. Metallic containers are used due to their durability which is expected also from the tag used to identify them. Confidex has a proven history of tagging metallic returnable transit items with several customers. Our portfolio includes various innovative product solutions to meet all the needs of different types of metallic containers.

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Post and Parcel

RFID applications to track and trace goods from supplier to customers have become standard in around-the-clock logistics operations. Giving a unique ID for every package and automating the process brings number of benefits, including less incorrect shipments, faster deliveries, better visibility over the whole process and less customer service queries.

Carton boxes

Crosswave Classic

Products used to tag one-time shipments needs to be cost-engineered while still optimized for excellent performance to ensure high reliability of reading. Confidex Crosswave Classic has a unique antenna design offering orientation insensitive readability which is optimal when tagged items are not always in a known orientation. This gives more consistent performance.

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Roll cages

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Structure of roll cages often require either a very narrow hard tag (Ironside Slim) or option to hang the tag from metallic wires (Captura). Identifying cages not just improve the efficiency on tracking them but also prevents lost and theft.

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Challenges solved

Enable Industry 4.0 manufacturing

RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts, enable reduced stocks until the outbound distribution of the finished goods. Confidex tags are designed to endure chemicals, washing and high temperature during the manufacturing process.

Manage logistics and supply chain

Confidex RFID tags enable increased automation in goods tracking at several phases in today’s manufacturing logistic chains.

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