Ironside Main


Most rugged hard tags for industrial environments

Steelwave Main


Durable on-metal tags for indoor and outdoor applications

Silverline Main


Industrial grade printable on-metal labels

Corona Main 1


High temperature tags with industrial grade reliability

Carrier Main 1


Washable tags for plastic returnable transit items

Cruiser Main


Reliable vehicle identification for parking and toll collection

Go Main


Cost engineered labels for fast and reliable logistics

Viking Main


Robust Bluetooth Low Energy beacons for industrial environments

Industrial-grade RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® Products & Solutions

We make supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods and people more efficient and secure. We are dedicated to gaining a total understanding of customer’s requirements, no matter how complex.

Confidex™ RFID, NFC and Bluetooth® product portfolio offer reliable short-range wireless identification devices and IoT solutions with our partners.

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Smart manufacturing at Volvo Cars

Confidex UHF tags on 10 million Volvo cars