Innovation at Confidex

Innovation at Confidex

Working with RFID industry to nurture the next wave of the internet enabled and connected world.


Our ingenuity, knowhow and passion to excel have resulted several milestones where Confidex has achieved something as the first in RFID industry. These include:

  • First with integrated inlay and contactless ticket converting process.
  • First +200C tolerant RFID UHF label – Confidex Corona.
  • First IP68 tag in the market – Confidex Ironside.
  • First with Mifare Ultralight C based tickets – City of Izmir.
  • First AS5678 compliant tag in the market – Confidex Ironside.
  • First hard tag in the market – Confidex Survivor.
  • First with thin PET tickets – City of Istanbul.
  • First to manufacture and supply RFID tickets in China.
  • First repulpable RFID tag – Confidex PulpLabel

Innovation is embedded in the core of our company values, and the need to understand our customers’ needs and requirements is in our DNA. Our aim is to lead the industry by continuously developing our performance and skills. Confidex is working with the key industry consortiums to further develop RFID technology to meet the demands of the new connected world. As an example, Confidex is a member of the RAIN industry alliance whose purpose is to promote various RFID initiatives and to accelerate UHF RFID growth and adoption in business and consumer applications worldwide.

  • To date, Confidex UHF RFID tags and labels have been used in many of the harshest industrial environments – including the demanding production conditions in automotive manufacturing, pulp and paper processing, as well as global supply chains.
  • Developing such RFID solutions has demanded special domain understanding, RF engineering, ingenious packaging design and materials knowhow. Typically RFID tags have performed poorly near metal and moisture, but Confidex has created unique patent-pending RFID antenna technology, overcoming the limitations caused by the environment.


Contactless ticketing solutions using RFID – while being more robust and secure than traditional paper tickets and magnetic stripe technology – enable smooth passenger flows at mass transportation hubs or events. In addition, commuters benefit from improved product quality and safety of Confidex Smart Ticketing solutions.

  • Today’s complex and high volume Smart Ticketing applications require a wide range of capabilities for personalization, ecology, efficiency and security. As a response to these, Confidex Smart Ticketing solutions combine product reliability, versatile customization services, environmentally friendly materials and secure production facilities.
  • Contactless smart tickets are a part of a complete system. Confidex smart tickets are certified by system integrators and industry organizations globally and we maintain close relationships with the IC vendors as well as with leading system integrators such as Cubic, Thales, ACS Xerox, VIX, Scheidt & Bachmann and Indra to continuously improve our products.
  • We pay special attention to the compliance of our tickets with the existing ticket vending machines (TVMs) at each stage, from designing to manufacturing and delivery. To ensure highest standards of quality, all process steps including inlay manufacturing, converting and personalization are done in-house

Recent innovations and research cooperation with Universities

With Tampere University of Technology (TUT, Finland)

  • “TUT is participating in a five-year, Tekes-funded research project titled ‘Printed, energy-Autonomous UniversaL platform for multifunctional wireless sensors and devices’ (PAUL). The project aims to develop a technology platform for printed distributed smart objects that communicate wirelessly and need no external source of energy. PAUL brings together stakeholders representing industry, product integration and ICT, such as Stora Enso, Walki, Picosun, Confidex, Suunto and Digile SHOK.” Read more.
  • Confidex Corona™ high temperature tag was a development project together with TUT.

Past research projects

BRIDGE – Project

Confidex participated as one of the key hardware development partners in EU funded research project called “Building Radio frequency Identification solutions for the Global Environment (BRIDGE)”. The project was supported by the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development.

The objective of the project was to research, develop and implement a set of technologies that will enable every physical product to have a duality of existence – both in the physical world and in the information space (“cyberspace”) – where their existence in the information space holds all the information about their past, present and future states to allow advanced track and trace and sophisticated decision-making processes.

Confidex’s role in the Research Project was to act as a task leader and main development partner for Gen2 compliant Semi-Passive Sensor Tag Platform. Confidex also participated in developing high dielectric load-, on-metal- and miniature-RFID tags. For more information, visit:


Confidex participated as a RFID tag development partner in EU funded Research Project called “Intelligent distributed process utilization and blazing environmental key (INDISPUTABLE KEY)”. The project was supported by the European Union’s Sixth Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP6).

The objective of the project was to initiate and stimulate an industrial breakthrough in traceability systems for biological raw materials, specifically wood, leading to substantial economical and environmental improvements in the wood processing chain. The result enabled a notable improvement to European competitiveness and sustainability of wood products.

Confidex’s role in the project was to develop and produce prototypes of specially tailored forest RFID tags.

TRACE – Project

TRACE (RFID and biometric for Traceability in Shop Floor) was a research project for addressing ways to add intelligence for production of parceled goods. TRACE-project was co-operative research project with SISTEPLANT S.L., a Spanish company providing solutions for manufacturing and maintenance processes optimization. Project was partly funded by MANUNET funding program (

Confidex role in the project was to develop RFID tags for challenging environments and to lower the barriers to the implementation of RFID in manufacturing environment.

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