We help industries to optimize and automate their production and supply chain management processes by providing real-time visibility to asset and component tracking and traceability.

Manufacturing applications


Tool & component tracking

Tool Component tracking

Keep track and manage tools and equipment between construction sites or different phase of production processes. Our offering includes options from the small on metal labels to be attached on tools to most robust hard tags for bigger machinery. Tracking tools and components will improve the cost-efficiency and productivity by reducing the valuable work time in locating tools, looking for lost assets or waiting for the replacement components.

Suitable products

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Product authentication

Steelwave Micro 2

RFID enabled and automated product authentication saves time and money. Confidex portfolio from IT asset tags to NFC labels covers all the needs for item-level product authentication. Authenticating your assets with Confidex products will make the inventory fast, secure and reliable.

Suitable products

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Material flow management

Paper Reel Label

Managing material flow is essential part of the manufacturing process. Was it chemicals needed for painting process or pulp bales for paper industry, RFID enabling the flow increases the cost-efficiency and accuracy in the process.

Pulp & Paper

Confidex RFID products meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing processes in the pulp and paper industry. For example, when RFID tags are attached into the pulp bales the tags’ materials need to be pulpable in the pulping process and create no effects on the further papermaking process. RFID-enabling pulp bales or paper reels improves the inventory management and generates savings by minimizing buffer inventories.

Suitable products

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Chemical industry

In chemical industry reliable tracking and inventory is important and can be also regulated. Chemicals are often stored in metallic containers and labels might be affected by the chemicals. Labeling the containers is usually done on-site, for that we have the industry leading printable on metal label offering with various size options. Through our DesignStudio it is also possible to get custom size on metal labels with pre-printed warning signs for easy replacement of the existing non-RFID labels.

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MRO and asset management

MRO and asset management

Giving a digital ID for your asset by RFID-enabling them speeds up the whole MRO process. Identifying assets at the point of maintenance, repair or overhaul reduces errors of manual data handling and makes the process faster and more secure. Our industrial offering includes products from robust hard tags for rail asset tracking to certified on metal labels for the aerospace industry.

Suitable products


Challenges solved

Enable Industry 4.0 manufacturing

RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts, enable reduced stocks until the outbound distribution of the finished goods. Confidex tags are designed to endure chemicals, washing and high temperature during the manufacturing process.

Manage logistics and supply chain

Confidex RFID tags enable increased automation in goods tracking at several phases in today’s manufacturing logistic chains.

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