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Pulp bale tracking at Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre, part of the world’s leading baking and cooking paper supplier Metsä Group, takes pulp logistics to the new era through RFID technology. RFID brings Metsä Fibre an effective and reliable way to track pulp units and generate savings in material flow management.


  • Pulp, Paper And Packaging
  • Logistics And RTI Operation


Metsä Fibre, Finland


Effective and reliable way to track pulp units and generate savings in material flow management.

Confidex is supplying RFID labels to be inserted into each bale of pulp and the bales are automatically identified with fixed, forklift and handheld RFID readers via Vilant software throughout the pulp logistics chain.

Manufacturing processes in the pulp and paper industry create unique requirements for RFID tags. When the tag is attached into the pulp bales not only the good RF performance guarantees the suitability; tag’s materials need to compliant with the pulping process and create no effects on the further papermaking process. Additionally, tag needs to comply with food contact regulations specified by FDA (The Food and Drug Administration in the US) and EEC (European Economic Community). Because of these unique requirements, the various generally available RFID inlays and labels made of different plastic materials can not be used.

Confidex RFID Pulp Label™ is specifically developed for meeting the unique requirements of the pulp and paper industry. The compatibility in pulping processes has been verified with extensive testing and certification process according to industry standards of FDA and EEC. The high quality EPC C1G2 compliant label can be automatically applied to the pulp bales and read reliably with fixed, handheld and forklift truck RFID readers.

The Metsä Fibre project is a great example of both RFID usage in a global high volume industry where standard RFID products in the market won’t fit – and where Confidex utilizes its experience in designing tags for the most challenging use cases.

About Metsä Fibre

Metsä Fibre is a world-leading producer of softwood pulp for high-quality paper, board and tissue producers in Europe and Far East. Company’s production capacity is 2.41 million tonnes. Entire Metsä Group’s sales totalled EUR 5.3 billion in 2011, and it employs approximately 12,500 people. The Group operates in some 30 countries.