We help industries to optimize and automate their production and supply chain management processes by providing real-time visibility to asset and component tracking and traceability.

Automotive applications 

Inbound logistics


Ensuring raw materials and components are in the right location at the right time is crucial in ensuring effective production process. Inbound logistics may require robust tags for tracking bigger containers, disposable shipping labels for cardboard boxes or RFID enabled Kanban cards. Confidex portfolio offers a solution to all these needs.

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Press shop

Press Shop

In press shop you want to ensure there is a correct type of sheet metal available and correct tooling used for the presses. From vast offering of Confidex automotive products you will also find an option for these applications.

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Body shop


Industrial-grade, robust passive RAIN RFID tags can withstand the harsh conditions of car manufacturing, from the beginning of the body shop until the end of final assembly. When a RAIN RFID body tag replaces the old solution, typically consisting of several ID technologies, the whole process becomes leaner. With dedicated automotive RAIN RFID suppliers such as Confidex, the car manufacturer can continuously develop and improve the performance of the process.

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Paint shop

Heatwave Flag

One of the most demanding phases of car manufacturing is the paint shop, where the car body goes through several chemical and coating showers and baking ovens. It is not just the efficiency RFID can bring that car manufacturers are after, it’s the reliability it can provide: with the Confidex Heatwave Flag tag the process yield is proven to be 99,96% in high temperatures. With a RAIN RFID real-time production monitoring system all car body related data is available continuously, such as body number, color and status.

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Steelwave Flex

Lean operation and smart automation improve cost-efficiency and productivity. Control complex product mix and manage customized parts by identifying, tracking and tracing the key components and tools during the assembly phase. Confidex offers products for identifying the containers used in assembly (eKanban, Ironside family) as well as tracking individual parts (on metal labels).

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Outbound logistics

car distribution label 1

Ensuring reliable outbound logistics reduces time and money used for incorrect shipments and finding lost cars or containers.  Giving an ID to a vehicle makes sure it is found from the right location at right time ready to be taken forward. Confidex Car Distribution Label can be used as temporary ID and leaves no residues when removed.

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Challenges solved

Enable Industry 4.0 manufacturing

RFID brings visibility and efficiency starting from managing the prototype parts, enable reduced stocks until the outbound distribution of the finished goods. Confidex tags are designed to endure chemicals, washing and high temperature during the manufacturing process.

Manage logistics and supply chain

Confidex RFID tags enable increased automation in goods tracking at several phases in today’s manufacturing logistic chains.

Smart manufacturing at Volvo Cars

Confidex UHF tags on 10 million Volvo cars

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