green tuesday 01

Confidex Green Tuesday 2021

An area equivalent to 11 football fields in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch will be cleaned by the Confidex Green Tuesday 2021 donation.

With the collaboration of our Partners and our annual Green Tuesday challenge, we were able to raise an amount to clean an area equal to 11 football fields for The Ocean Cleanup

We acknowledge that the environmental challenges are greater, but we continue to work on creating initiatives like these that promote developing reliable and sustainable ecosystems supporting sustainable practices and projects in a collaborative manner engaging our ecosystem partners.

We invite you to learn more about Sense of Tomorrow program and our sustainability efforts as well as following us in social media for new challenges, campaigns and engage with us for a positive transformation.

Our sustainability vision strives to develop reliable and sustainable products, services, and ecosystems for digital transformation of industries transportation and infrastructures of our planet.

Our first United Nations Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP) is now available online. Find out what sustainability means for us and how we are implementing the #TenPrinciples and advancing the #GlobalGoals.

Participant COP digital card