Remember the ocean challenge last year?

Our Social Responsibility commitment is to react quickly to current realities and challenges impacting our climate and planet. Last year, with the collaboration of our partners, we enabled The Ocean Cleanup to clean an area equal to 11 football fields of plastic waste in the Pacific ocean garbage patch. For a consecutive year, we are engaging actively with them and inviting our ecosystems to join this year’s Green Tuesday challenge.

Why do we care about plastic waste?

We are committed in combining technology with environmentalism and we want to be active in supporting initiatives that aim towards a better future for our planet. Packaging industry is partly responsible of plastic pollution in our seas and rivers because a large portion of the plastic waste is originally packaging material. We believe that responsible logistics, ecological packaging materials and technologies play a key role in building a sustainable future. For this goal we are offering a sustainable product portfolio avoiding plastic utilization and technologies that per se are enhancers of sustainability. We also want to help the industry to achieve the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) targets.

The most effective way to remove plastic from oceans?

Rivers are the main source of plastic in the oceans. According to the research conducted by The Ocean Cleanup, 1000 rivers are responsible for roughly 80% of all riverine pollution. Working together with government leaders, individuals, and private corporations, their goal is to tackle these 1000 most polluting rivers all over the world.

The Ocean Cleanup has built and tested Interceptor technologies to capture waste from some of the most polluted rivers in the world. On November 10th they announced that their Interceptor 007 is up and running in Ballona Creek, LA County, USA where it successfully extracted plastic and other debris to full capacity – all waste that would otherwise be heading for the Pacific Ocean right now.

How to join our Green Tuesday challenge?

For every purchase order placed by our partners during Nov 28 – Dec 2, we donate 3 % of the order value to The Ocean Cleanup.

For you, it takes nothing extra. Just log in to our partner network and donate by purchase. Each purchase helps The Ocean Cleanup to develop technologies for cleaning more and more rivers in the near future. The battle for the sustainable environment needs innovation and commitment.

Donate by purchase