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New Ironside Tags Deliver Flexible, Industrial RFID

Addressing challenging industrial applications, Confidex, a Beontag company, has released the Ironside Fin and Ironside Flex, two RAIN RFID tags boasting optimal performance and flexible attachment to metal or other materials

Tampere, Finland – July 12, 2023 – To meet the need for high performance RFID in diverse industrial and harsh environments, Confidex – part of the multinational label and IoT solutions provider Beontag – has released two new products as part of its Ironside family of reliable, rugged RAIN RFID tags. The new Ironside Flex and Ironside Fin were designed and developed to meet specific challenges of Confidex’s customers.

Engineers at Confidex have been working with industrial companies to address the challenges of RAIN RFID tagging in challenging environments. The Ironside Flex and Ironside Fin offer new ways to attach RAIN RFID tags to industrial items such as pipes, tools and cables.

The Ironside Fin leverages a cable tie, for easy attachment to tubes and pipes. This unique, ruggedized IP68-rated tag is built for customers needing to track assets or inventory of varying sizes in harsh environments. The tag offers exceptional read performance on any material with a read range up to 15 meters or 50 feet.

Customers with more challenging RFID requirements need flexible, reliable solutions suitable for industrial environments,” says Mark Jolley, Director of RFID and Location Tracking Solutions, EMEA, Zebra Technologies.The Ironside Fin can deliver on those needed outcomes, with reliable read rates, flexible attachment options, an easy, snap on design and rugged form factor.


Ironside Flex PR

The Ironside Flex features a hanging tag design using a cable tie, steel wire or other attachment tools. This innovative tag is uniquely designed to be attached to items that were hard to tag in the past, due to limited space, challenging shape or the lack of holes for screws. Like the Ironside Fin, the Ironside Flex performs reliably and with exceptional sensitivity, when attached to any material, making it an optimal product for indoor or outdoor industrial environments. With a read range of 20 meters (65 feet) it offers industry-leading read distance.

Stage lighting equipment company Christie Lites has adopted the Ironside Flex following a visit to the Confidex factory to view the technology in design and production. “Excellent read range of the Ironside Flex enables us to gain visibility into our high value equipment, even those assets that would be hard to tag with traditional RFID tags,” says Oliver Hutchinson, Special Projects Tech, Christie Lites.Confidex’s DesignStudio offered us a tailored product to ensure all the requirements for successful RFID implementations were met. Our on-site audit to the world-class production site also proved that we can trust on the consistent performance and delivery accuracy even in higher volumes.

The Ironside family of products are optimized for tracking assets and transit items with metal or other materials, that may face weather and rough handling. The latest two products to the Ironside family help ensure that all materials and all form factors can be tagged and tracked with RFID, in any condition.


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