Smart Tickets

The Desktop Ticket Machine for Contactless Media.

Emerging, innovative DTM by Confidex™ offers you full smart ticket personalization capabilities on-the-go:

  • On-site artwork color printing
  • Cost effective operations
  • Extra revenues with contextual and dynamic advertising
  • Optimal security when encoding is performed during the issuance

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Print, Encode & Distribute On-site


Lower operating costs &
Inventory expenses

Upcoming DTM by Confidex™ Desktop Ticket Machine series

DTM by Confidex™

First device in the market printing full color paper tickets

• Personalization of the artwork by adding barcode, text or chip number

• The operator can change the graphic/fare at any time

Cost effective operations

• Enable low cost ticket distribution to remote locations of the network

• Lower printing costs in comparison to card printing costs

• Reduced inventory expenses

• A single machine is able to release any kind of ticket: Transport, City card, Museum entry, Access pass...

Extra revenues

• High printing quality enabling contextual and dynamic advertising

Optimal security

• Encoding is performed during the issuance of the Fare Media thus reducing fraud and theft risks

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DTM by Confidex™

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