Confidex Survivor

Confidex Survivor™

Confidex Survivor™ is all-surface-tag for applications where maximal read range and durability in extreme environments are the key requirements. High performance also increases the read accuracy.

To fulfill all customer requirements Confidex Survivor™ is offered with wide range of personalization options including electrical encoding and visual markings.

Patent granted in EU and US (US.Pat. 8.794.531).

References and reviews

“If you are looking for extreme performance, check out the new Confidex Survivor™ and Survivor B™ tags. Confidex keeps on pushing the size to performance ratio of passive tags, and even starts to be on active RFID levels with the Survivor B, Confidex's new and revolutionary BAP product. With the new Survivor tags "not possible" starts to be so last season”, stated Antti Virkkunen, Co-founder and Country Manager, Vilant Systems.

“The Confidex Survivor™ is a very impressive RFID transponder. Its performance is outstanding - especially when using a handheld RFID reader. In our tests we achieved results I have not seen before. Confidex managed to achieve all this in a shorter but rugged housing. I am looking forward using the Survivor tags in our projects”, stated Michael Mally, CEO of RFIDInnovations GmbH.

Confidex Survivor™


Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing
  • Laser marking
  • Optional adhesive

Confidex Survivor™

Product details

Product Category

Hard tag


UHF (C1G2)




155 x 26 x 14,5 mm
6,1 x 1,02 x 0,57 in


128 bit EPC + 512 bit

Read range

up to 18 m
59 ft


-35°C to + 85°C
-31°F to + 185°F

IP class