Ferrowave Micro SoMe 002

Confidex Ferrowave Micro Delivers On-Metal RFID Tracking for Specialty Retail

The latest member of the Ferrowave product line boasts a small footprint and optimal read performance to manage retail items that can be most challenging to track with standard passive RFID tags.

Confidex Ltd. has released its new Ferrowave Micro on-metal label optimized for a category of products that have been challenging to track with RAIN RFID until now: specialty retail. This ground-breaking new label provides similar, exceptional read reliability and sensitivity to Confidex’s other products but is designed and sized specifically for use on retail items that were once too small for RFID tagging. The newest label in Confidex’s portfolio is specifically suited for use on and around metals and metallic packaging of these small or specialized retail categories. Ferrowave Micro provides high-quality performance on item-level food and groceries, non-food like sports equipment, beauty and personal care items, and also serves as brand authentication for high value goods. Ferrowave micro is optimized for fast and reliable reads also in high volume and high tag density environment.

Measuring just 45 x 8 x 1.5 mm (1.77 x 0.32 x 0.06-inches) the sleek on-metal label can attach to products from golf clubs to cosmetics or metallic beverage containers with minimal aesthetic impact. Beyond metal, Ferrowave Micro also demonstrates excellent performance on a wide variety of materials common among specialty goods. Its acrylic adhesive is optimized for secure attachment to painted or non-painted metal surfaces. And this small but mighty retail label leverages the latest generation chip — the Impinj® M730 Tag Chip — along with Confidex’ patent pending antenna design to provide high performance.

Reliable item-level inventory, globally

In retail storefronts, backrooms or warehouses, the Ferrowave Micro can be easily read by standard UHF RFID handheld readers, or by automated robots for inventory counts, bringing visibility to even the hardest to track specialty items.

Confidex has a long history as a leading supplier of RFID on-metal labels for industrial purposes, and the Ferrowave Micro benefits from more than a decade of design work by Confidex’ engineers. The impressive performance-to-size ratio also improves the reliability of RFID reads during inventory counts in fast-paced retail environments. And while some existing tags lack wide-scale printer compliancy, the Micro has been rigorously tested with the main printer manufacturers.

To meet the needs of supply chains that are increasingly crossing the globe, the Ferrowave Micro is designed also for international use. It operates wherever the supply chain takes it, with global tuning to meet requirements for UHF RFID label reads no matter what part of the world that tag is in.

“We’re excited to offer a new solution to some of the most challenging inventory management applications, expanding the use of RAIN RFID into new challenging retail categories. Ferrowave Micro results from the very best in experience and innovation by our accomplished team of engineers,” says Timo Lindstrom, Confidex Ltd. CEO.

Ferrowave Micro is available for orders and samples today. For more information about the product please visit Confidex Go Product Family website