Webinar: Simplifying RFID with SATO and Confidex – April 2021 – EMEA/APAC

Date: Apr. 7th, 2021 15:00PM (Singapore) / 09:00AM (Amsterdam)

Join Confidex, the leading provider of Industrial short range wireless solutions, in this interactive Webinar recording inclusive Q&A session focused on Simplifying RFID with SATO and Confidex.

Is RFID too complex or too difficult to implement? What are the tools needed to make a RFID project successful?

Many of our customers and system integrators find RFID too complex. Too many questions and very little answers. In this Webinar, we want to demonstrate that implementing RFID need not be rocket science. With the correct tools and knowledge, a RFID project can be up and running within a matter of weeks.

In this Webinar, we will share with you SATO’s latest RFID solution called ASETRA, a one-stop solution for effective management of assets including equipment, tools and returnable transport items (RTI). Confidex on the other hand will introduce their latest industrial on-metal HF/UHF family. RFID labels and tags that are so versatile that it can be used almost anywhere and on any asset. We will teach you the best way to tag any asset to achieve the maximum reading performance.

With the focus on the Electronics, Chemical and Logistics Industries, this Webinar will change your views and show you how RFID can be made SIMPLE.


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Webinar agenda


2. ASETRA by SATO – A One-Stop RFID Solution

3. CONFIDEX On-Metal Label – Application and Performance Tutorial

4. Customer Case Studies

5. Q&A Session


Philip Ooi
SATO, Regional Sales Manager, South East Asia

Edward Lu
Confidex, Sales Director, APAC

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