Webinar: RFID for Metal parts – May 2020 – Americas

This webinar will summarize all the best practices for RFID tracking of metal parts. You will learn how to tag curved assets, how to prepare surfaces for the best on-metal label adhesion, what are the possible attachment methods and many other insights that will help you to tag metal parts. This webinar will also explore key considerations for the tag selection process as part of your overall RFID solution through real success stories.

Webinar agenda

  1. Confidex Welcome
  2. Parts Characteristics
  3. Environmental aspects
  4. Tag selection and success stories
  5. Solutions package
  6. Q&A

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Webinar: RFID for Metal parts – May 2020 – Americas

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Q&A of Metal parts

Q: Are tags usually x-ray sensitive?
A: Most ASICs today are not sensitive to small or short exposure to X-Ray. Higher exposure to x-ray does bring some risk to the tag memory as data may be corrupted or destroyed. If working within a nuclear power facility or healthcare application, special ICs made by TEGO would be recommended. Confidex already offers labels with this IC for on and off-metal RAIN RFID.

Q: Which type of printer can I use for hard or encapsulate tags?
A: Hard tags are typically laser engraved or have labels with human readable, barcode, QR code, or other data attached to the hard tag. Hard tags must be digitally encoded with a mobile workstation or handheld device as they cannot pass through a printer for digital encoding

Q: Is there a minimum quantity required for custom labels?
A: Custom labels vary in degree of change to the size, RF performance, adhesive, etc. Often, we make custom labels which are simply die cut to a different size or use a special face material. With more than 500 inlay designs, it might be that we already have a fit for your needs. Please contact the Confidex sales team to discuss your needs and we’re happy to share minimum order quantities specific to your custom needs.

Q: Is it possible to use desktop Zebra printer (ZD500) with on metal label?
A: The ZT411 is the recommended Zebra printer for on-metal labels. On-metal UHF labels are much thicker and the small roll size for the ZD500 would make it very impractical for printing on-metal labels.

Q: Are Flex compatible with Zebra On metal printer?
A: Flex has been tested successfully with the ZT410R and ZT411 printer from Zebra though it is not part of the Zebra Silverline Solution.

Q: And about mobile printers? We don´t have for metal tags. or I am wrong?
A: There are some thinner on-metal labels that will work but we would need to know what printer model you are using to give an exact product recommendation. But yes! it’s possible!

Q: In hazardous environment, RFID UHF, could work?
A: Yes, we have deployed UHF RFID in many hazardous environments. We would need more details on the environment and what is included in the process (heat, chemicals, paint, UV rays, gamma rays) to give you the best tag recommendation

Q: Where can I find Confidex tags in Brazil? Acura?
A: ACURA Brazil is a wonderful integrator of ours and we highly recommend them. Tristar is a local distributor for Confidex products in Brazil.

Q: I am looking for a mobile printer for RFID Metal Tags. Do you have any?
A: We do not offer printers but many of our hardware partners do (ex: Zebra)

Q: Do you have recommendation for software to enable us to obtain a complete solution?
A: The type of SW recommended depends greatly on the industry and application. We have a large network of SW partners in different areas and would be happy to recommend the right one for you.

Q: Does Confidex have tags approved for aircraft’s approved by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)?
A: Confidex works closely with TEGO to provide a line of on-metal and off-metal FAA compliant labels. (www.tegoinc.com)

Q: Did you already have a case with labels for milk packaging?
A: Not specifically milk packaging but with other cardboard-based products yes. This is a unique case since it’s water encased in cardboard. It’s definitely possible and it would be helpful to learn more in order to make a product recommendation.

Q: Where an RFID tag is attached to steel coils?
A: Some coils have the tag on the inner diameter. And others on the top part of the coil’s outer diameter.

Q: Is it possible to track files placed in metallic cabinet from the outside using passive RFID?
A: This is possible but requires a special cabinet with integrated RFID readers.

Q: What is the trend in the industry and/or Confidex development focus?
A: Confidex has been leading on-metal RFID development for more than 15 years and we continue to improve all aspects of RFID tags/labels including RF performance, attachment, durability, and cost.



Joe Hoerl
EVP, Smart Industries Americas

Brenda Brady
NA Solutions Engineer, LATAM Sales Manager

Ty Randell
Sales Manager, NA

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