Webinar: RFID for Metal Parts – March 2022 – EMEA/APAC

This webinar will summarize all the best practices for RFID tracking of metal parts. You will learn how to tag curved assets, how to prepare the surfaces for the best on-metal label adhesion, what are the possible attachment methods and many other insights that will help you to tag metal parts. Webinar will also explore key considerations for the tag selection process as part of your overall RFID solution through real success stories.

Webinar agenda

1. Confidex Welcome
2. Part characteristics
3. Environmental aspects
4. Tag selection and success stories
5. Solutions package
6. Q&A

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Webinar: RFID for Metal Parts – March 2022 – EMEA/APAC

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Q&A of RFID for IT asset tracking

Q: Does the type of metal have an influence on read capabilities, eg. Metal vs Galvanized?
A: Metal type or thickness does not have remarkable influence on performance. What affects much more is the shape of the item you are tagging and tag location on that item. Also any coating on top of metal such as thick paint may influence performance of certain on metal labels.

Q: You mentioned several barries/ issues and special preparations required when using RFID on metal materials… then how feasible is it to deploy it in cost effective and practical way? could you mention some of your successful customer stories in using RFID for metal environment.
A: Please see this link for our success stories. https://www.confidex.com/content-hub/success-stories/ Confidex is known for on metal tags and have carried numerous projects with our customers. When tagging new item there is no preparation needed. If the items are really dirty you either need to clean them for label type of tags or you would need to choose a mechanical attachment which is not prone to dirt on the item. Optimizing the attachment process is important for the total cost of the implementation.

Q: I have a specific request from a Paint distributor using metal tins. They want to use RFID for their WMS but still have the challenge of RFID with metal tins.
A: Our on metal labels (Silverline Family and Ferrowave product line) are all used on metal tin type of items. We recommend testing those at your customer’s application.

Q: Do you have any explosion proof, or ATEX compliant metal UHF RFID Tags?
A: We do have ATEX compliant products. Please reach out to our sales for more information.

Q: Is there a dual Frequency (HF/UHF) on-Metal-tag available?
A: We do have developments on dual frequency tags and can also support with customized dual frequency products. Please reach our to our sales for more information.

Q: Can we have more information on used case of Finland Railway Project.
A: Please see this success story: https://www.confidex.com/success-stories/train-wagon-identification-finnish-railways/

Q: Are there supply criticalities in this difficult period for the semiconductor world? For example Confidex Survivor RFID UHF?
A: Availability is a big topic nowadays but with our trusted suppliers we have been able to overcome the shortage and have build some safety stock.

Q: Can we re-encode the TAG ID?
A: Tag ID (TID) is unique ID that is encoded to the IC memory by the IC manufacturer and cannot be re-written. Only EPC or User Memory part of the memory can be re-written.

Q: On a round metal drum would you always tag the top of the drum?
A: That is a common location as is less vulnerable for mechanical impacts than side of the drum. But there are different ways to tag the drums. For more please reach out to our sales.

Q: Can tags be read of they are positioned behind another material e.g. a building material that is internal to a wall?
A: Yes, tags can be read through other materials except metals. Some materials absorb the signal more and would reduce the read range. For instance a tag tag would read 10m in normal conditions can be read through 20cm of concrete but not with long read range.

Q: Do all on metal tags use metal as antenna?
A: Some metal tags use the metallic item as part of the design to boost the performance. There are also on metal tags that are designed to be more insensitive on the surface material, such as Steelwave Classic that works equally well on any surface.

Q: What is the life expectancy for labels Silverline type – exposed to permanent external conditions in central Europe?
A: Life expectancy is highly depending on the application. In normal operating conditions it is easily several years also outdoor. But if there are mechanical impacts expected that could reduce the lifetime expectancy.



Zuleyka Moisio
Global Channel Director

Miika Pylvänäinen
Director of Product Line RFID

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