Webinar: RFID for IT asset tracking Webinar – June 2020 – Americas

This webinar will summarize all the best practices for RFID tracking of IT Assets. We will consider both data center and enterprise IT asset tagging including attachment methods and many other insights that will help you to tag IT Assets. Source tagging vs. after-market tagging will also be evaluated.  This webinar will also explore key considerations for the tag selection process as part of your overall RFID solution through real success stories.


Webinar agenda

  1. RFID use case benefits & overview
  2. IT Asset considerations
  3. Success Stories
  4. Best Practices & Implementation Tips
  5. Q&A

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Webinar: RFID for IT asset tracking Webinar – June 2020 – Americas

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RFID for IT asset tracking Webinar June 2020 US

Q&A of IT asset

Q: I do not understand what is meant by “Data Center” as an IT asset to be tracked. Do you mean the physical equipment?
A: Data center assets are typically hard drives, servers, power supplies, etc. which must be audited regularly to comply with regulations for the data stored on these devices or for financial depreciation purposes.

Q: Is it possible use RFID in gas stations? They don´t have any security problems?
A: Some environments require ATEX / Class I DIV II certifications which most RFID hard tags and many readers have as an option. It’s certainly possible to use in gas stations as well as oil/gas environments of all types.

Q: The problem with this tags is that is easy to unstick and stick in another asset.
A: Thank you for the feedback. Unfortunately, most tamper systems destroy the RF antenna such that tags cannot be read at all. There are tamper solutions that allow for still reading the tag but have a flag set to signal the tampering. It would be good to discuss with you the needs you have in the space.

Q: Does Confidex provide tamper proof / tamper evident versions of these tags/labels too?
A: Confidex does provide several types of tamper proof and tamper evident labels and tags. We’re happy to discuss this need further with you to understand your requirements and if this tag would fit your use case.

Q: Has there been any custom label developed yet with UHF + NFC functionality, or can it be developed?
A: Yes, this exists already today and Confidex has this available.

Q: Can RFID Tags ( Silverline ) be re-encoded more then once , if the end client wanted to re-use the tag ?
A: Yes, RFID (UHF) tag memories can be re-encoded up to 99,000 times or more! Please note that if the customer printed a barcode matching the memory on the label, it will no longer match if they re-encode the memory.

Q: Can you share the ROI for using RFID tag in IT asset?
A: The exact ROI depends greatly on the specific benefits seen by the customer. So without exact project information, we cannot quantify the ROI but we can help you identify the most important benefits. Most often, we see the following benefits: less time lost during inventory/audit events, assurance that all data security compliance directives are met (avoid non-conformance fines), minimizing loss of IT assets in an office environment ($ depends on the value of the asset itself), and clear understanding of the amortization/depreciation of all electronic assets.

Q: Is there a solution to control the tires of a unit or trailer?
A: Yes, we have a tire tag for tires and hard tags for truck beds.



Joe Hoerl
EVP, Smart Industries Americas

Brenda Brady
NA Solutions Engineer, LATAM Sales Manager

Ty Randell
Sales Manager, NA

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