Webinar: Logistics & Inventory Labels for Disposable Packaging – October 2020 – EMEA

Date: Oct 7, 2020 09:00 AM Amsterdam

Join Confidex, the leading provider of Industrial short range wireless solutions, in this interactive Webinar recording inclusive Q&A session focused on RFID tracking for Warehousing, Shipment Verification, and Logistics for Corrugated Packaging.

This webinar will summarize all the best practices for tagging of materials and finished goods packed inside corrugated boxes. We explore challenges associated with RFID reading of boxes stacked on pallets or moving along conveyor systems.

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Webinar agenda

  1. RFID use case benefits & overview
  2. Corrugated Packaging considerations
  3. Success Stories
  4. Best Practices & Implementation Tips
  5. Q&A

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Webinar: Logistics & Inventory Labels for Disposable Packaging – October 2020 – EMEA

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Logistics and inventory labels for disposable packaging webinar October 2020 EMEA

Q&A of Logistics & Inventory Labels for Disposable Packaging

Q: You mentioned that fixed readers are using 2W ERP as maximum power. Why some readers work with 4W?
A: Yes that’s right. In Europe and some other countries we use 2W ERP power while in US it is allowed to use 4W EIRP. So there is a small difference how the power is calculated and I will not go into details of that calculation but basically in US you will have roughly 10% more read range with same tag compared to European standards.

Q: Can I protect the reading of EPC memory with password?
A: No, the EPC memory is always readable by the RFID standard. We only can protect the writing with password so that you can re-write the tag only if you know the PW.

Q: When is the new Crosswave Neo available?
A: The product will be released later but we already have samples available with UCODE 8m or M730 IC’s, please contact our sales for further discussion.

Q:  Is there possibility for a Sample Kit from APAC region distributor (Excelpoint)?
A: Yes, you can contact directly to Excelpoint (sales.enquiry@excelpoint.com.sg) , with same discount code presented today.

Q: Do I need a special RFID label If we attach it to concrete?
A: Due to porous surface we recommend to use more robust industrial label with stronger adhesive like Confidex Carrier.

Q: Would you have soon a NFC/UHF Tag (Hard Tag) available?
A: Confidex have a dual frequency label available in its portfolio. A dual frequency hard tag can be design as part of our DesignStudio service.

Q: What type of RFID tags (on-metal/off-metal) would you choose if you have to mark cardboard boxes that are placed over metal constructions, or have metal parts inside the box. Do you expect to have optimal reading performance or it will be reduced because of the metal constructions?
A: In the case the metal parts are inside the cardboard box with enough distance between the cardboard box and parts we recommend to use standard labels from our Go family such as Crosswave Classic or Casey. In the case the metal or liquid parts are in very close distance to the RFID label then Ferrowave Classic is recommended.

Q: On metal tags in aluminium frame, works well or not?
A: Yes, tags designed for metal surfaces will work on aluminium frames, however to get best performance you need to test the best position of the tag on your asset.

Q: RTLS tags are compatible with any make RTLS OEM?
A: Yes, all Confidex RFID tags are compatible with all RFID RTLS readers. We recommend our Crosswave products to be used in RTLS application.




Paul Proekhuizen
EVP, Smart Industries

Miika Pylvänäinen
Product Line Manager

Zuleyka Moisio
Global Channel Director

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