Webinar: Industrial & Enterprise NFC/HF – September 2020 – EMEA

Date: September 1st 2020, 09:00 (CEST)

This webinar will do a deep dive in NFC/HF technology, explore challenges associated with HF/NFC tagging including different attachment methods.

This webinar will also explore key considerations for the tag selection process as part of your overall NFC/HF solution through real success stories.



Webinar agenda

  1. NFC use case benefits & overview
  2. NFC Tag considerations
  3. Success Stories
  4. Best Practices & Implementation Tips
  5. Q&A

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Webinar: Industrial & Enterprise NFC/HF – September 2020 – EMEA

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Industrial Enterprise HF_NFC Webinar September 2020 EMEA

Q&A of Industrial & Enterprise NFC/HF

Q: Can the on metal products be used also on plastic surfaces?
A: Yes, our HF products that are designed to work on metal do work also off metal, meaning on plastic for example. So if you customer wants to use only one product on all assets then it is better to go with on metal variant.

Q: Can I get labels with color printing?
A: Confidex offers also color printing but this requires some volume. We propose you to reach out to our sales to discuss the volumes in more details.

Q: Can I add multiple functions like first connect to Wi-Fi then open app using NFC write tag function?
A: You can define multiple action in sequence by tapping a NFC tag, however the sequence is managed from your mobile phone application like Tasker. For industrial reader infrastructure this sequencing needs to be programmed in the application. The NFC tag works as a pointer.

Q: As I know, the NFC tag is a passive tag. It will response after we tap using NFC device to this tag. Is it possible if the NFC tag become an active tag? I mean, it will send some data when it detect a NFC device near the tag?
A: It is unfortunately not possible to have active NFC tags.

Q: Would like to know about tags which can be used in Oil & Gas. Do you suggest HF or UHF?
A: For Oil & Gas industry both HF or UHF can be used. Both are passive tags and the structure used for hard tags and labels can be same. It depends on the use case what is best solution. If you need long read range for inventory or asset management UHF is good choice. If the application is to get eg. maintenance information of an asset out the cloud HF/NFC is good technology since no specific infrastructure is needed.

Q: Which UHF RFID printer are most compatible with encoding the smart labels of Confidex? Whether it applies to all the offering Confidex has?
A: Confidex labels can be printed and encoded on most premium printer brands like SATO, Zebra, Toshiba, Printronix, etc. without any issues.

Q: I see that there are many different read ranges. What factors affect the reading range?
A: Read range is effected with type of HF chip Is used, SLIX or NTAG, the surface it is attached on metal or cardboard and the size of the antenna, bigger antenna gives longer read range. Confidex supports many different HF tags structures supporting your requirements best.

Q: Do you have capacity for high volume projects?
A: Yes, we have actually already delivered more than a Billion of HF products. Confidex is a market leader in mass transport ticketing so if you have been travelling in Venice, Amsterdam or one of those 100 cities we deliver to you most probably have already used Confidex HF product.

Q: Can  the NFC tag be created with mobile application from app store details so that the app installs NFC tags with pre-configured data?
A: You can use a free NFC writing application to configure any NFC tag. When you set the configuration in your preferred settings you can tap and write each NFC tag with same configuration. Confidex also provides personalization services with pre-configured settings based on customer requirements from factory.

Q: Do you have high temperature resistant HF tags?
A: Confidex have several high temperature RFID tags in its portfolio. Unfortunately no HF/NFC tag yet. With our DesignStudio service we can however develop a HF/NFC tag resistant to high temperatures.

Q: Does Confidex also provide the attachment mechanisms for affixing HF mount on metal tags on tools used in Oil & Gas industry?
A: Our HF/NFC tags and labels for on metal can be attached with strong industrial adhesive or with specific brackets.


Paul Proekhuizen
EVP, Smart Industries

Miika Pylvänäinen
Product Line Manager

Zuleyka Moisio
Global Channel Director

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