Webinar: RFID for Metal parts – June 2020 – EMEA

This webinar will summarize all the best practices for RFID tracking of metal parts. You will learn how to tag curved assets, how to prepare the surfaces for the best on-metal label adhesion, what are the possible attachment methods and many other insights that will help you to tag metal parts. Webinar will also explore key considerations for the tag selection process as part of your overall RFID solution through real success stories.

Webinar agenda

  1. Confidex Welcome
  2. Part characteristics
  3. Environmental aspects
  4. Tag selection and success stories
  5. Solutions package
  6. Q&A

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Webinar: RFID for Metal parts – June 2020 – EMEA

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Metal parts Webinar May 2020 EMEA

Q&A of Metal Parts Tracking

Q: Does Metal Thickness affect read range?
A: With metallic assets the thickness of metal doesn’t really affect unless we talk about very thin film type of printed metals. What affects more is the size and shape of metallic item. For best performance we have some guidelines in datasheets for the attachment position.

Q: Hi there, I’m not sure if you are going to speak about Shock and Impact? However I have some requirements around IK rating. Please let me know how this can be achieved.
A: We always test our tags against shock and impacts during the design and validation but don’t actually have an IK rated test done for them. We could go for IK testing in case required for certain projects.

Q: Could you let us know where can we buy in Americas and Oceania?
A: For americas: atlasRFID, for oceania: Excelpoint.

Q: Hello! How much is SNOW effects read range? We are using RFID IRONSIDE Global and it is tagged on steel beams.
A: Snow does affect indeed but you can still have plenty of dry snow on top of the tag. What affects even more is ice as that has higher water content than snow. We have done some testing with Ironside Classic fully covered with ice. With about 1cm ice on top of the tag the read range was reduced from about 9m to 3,5m.

Q: How will be the orientation of the tag important when using curved type?
A: Attachment along the length of pipe is always recommended due to better performance and adhesion. Also the orientation of label (which short edge is at the end of pipe) would affect performance. For this we have some attachment instructions in datasheets for products that are more sensitive for the orientation of tag (which side of tag has to have more metal).

Q: Will this webinar be available on demand to re-watch?
A: Yes.

Q: How can be printed on Steelwave Classic?
A: Steelwave Classic can be order from us pre-printed. If the application requires printing on site we have also delivered Steelwave Classic RFID part on reel and plastic part separated, this would allow you to personalize Steelwave Classic on site. You only need to attach RFID part on plastic part before taking tag into use.

Q: What are reading range or real testing results for Ferrowave?
A: We have plenty of test results available. If you may contact us in more details we could discuss them. As an example we have measured R6-P version of Ferrowave Classic 4 meters with Impinj R420 reader and linear reader antenna.

Q: Is Ferrowave will be available through Zebra Channel?
A: Ferrowave is available via Cisper or direct at Confidex in higher volumes.

Q: In the EMEA – the only distributor is CISPER? Are you also offering the partner program for possible “direct-buy”?
A: In Europe we have three distribution partners: Cisper, Tagnology and RCC. Confidex is also offering a Partner Program with possibility to buy direct from Confidex if specific conditions are met.

Q: Can I print standard labels thru a portable printer?
A: Portable printers require a specific label due to reel diameter and label thickness requirements. We have a label solution also for those printers and can help you to find the best solution.

Q: Do tags withstand X-Ray and gamma radiation?
A: Confidex RFID tags withstand X-ray radiation up to some extend, for example during luggage check. For Gamma radiation special IC’s are required. Confidex has Gamma resistant labels in portfolio for those use cases.


Paul Broekhuizen
EVP, Smart Industries

Miika Pylvänäinen
Product Line Manager

Zuleyka Moisio
Global Channel Director

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