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Train tracking at ALL, América Latina Logística

RFID system allows the identification of every wagon through tracks and terminals


  • Traffic Management
  • Railroad


High resource comsuming manual processes in wagon identification and work order assignments


Quick and automated train composition identification

Streamlined process of work order management e.g. in wagon inspection and defect repair

América Latina Logística is the biggest independent company providing logistics services in South America. ALL operates its customers’ railing and highway logistics in an integrated way in countries like Brazil and Argentina. The company focuses specifically in railway logistics, but in 2001, after acquired Delara, a brazilian highway transportations company ALL widened its logistics services.

For maintaining and usage optimization of its fleet of wagons and locomotives, ALL has implemented a RFID system that makes it possible to identify the trains along the tracks and in the terminals. The solution provided by ACURA Global identifies the passage of every wagon in an automatic way through the tracks with a system of maximum usability for the operators. This was made possible with an adapted reader with antennas especially adjusted for the client’s operations. The readers are secure and vandalism proof.


The solution counts on Confidex Ironside™ RFID tags that are specifically designed for metallic harsh environments. Tags’ data is linked with train wheel temperature sensor data. By this way, ALL has accurate wheel and brake condition data available and they can plan and organize possible maintenance needs.

About América Latina Logística

América Latina Logística (ALL) is the largest independent provider of logistic services in South America operating, on an integrated basis, railway and highway modes serving several clients in Brazil. ALL Rail operations is composed of 4 rail concessions in Brazil, totaling 13 thousand km of rail tracks, around 1,000 locomotives and 27,000 railcars, through which the Company transports agricultural commodities and industrial products.…

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