Rotterdam, The Netherlands – Confidex contactless Smart Tickets are fully up to speed on RET Public Transportation System in Rotterdam

Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram (RET) public transportation system benefits from cost savings, improved customer satisfaction and increased security.

Confidex tickets are now fully implemented on the RET public transportation system in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Confidex supplies RET with five million contactless smart tickets with NXP MIFARE Ultralight IC per year.


RET’s public transportation system in Rotterdam moves over 600,000 passengers each day. Fully customized contactless paper tickets from Confidex are playing a key role in its smooth and cost-effective operation. The extended memory of contactless tickets enables RET to set pricing policies which adapt to passenger needs and extend the number of possible fare combinations.

“Paper tickets intended for short-term use are valuable additions to the more permanent cards which are used on the RET public transportation system,” says Joop Wiemer, Technical Specialist at RET. “Especially for tourists and occasional travelers they are an important alternative to travel within the system.”

Confidex supplies RET with contactless smart tickets in customized, ready-to-use format, which seamlessly integrate into RET’s operations and payment schemes. Confidex delivers tickets in booklet and fanfold formats to support RET’s ticket issuing processes. Booklet tickets are particularly easy to distribute, for example on buses. They are also easy to count, since the tickets are stapled per group of defined numbers, and the ticket counterfoil can be used as proof of distribution. Additionally, contactless smart tickets are provided with customization: fanfold tickets are delivered as blanks, while booklet tickets are delivered ready-to-use and pre-loaded in nine different fare types and artworks. Confidex provides RET with four million booklet tickets and one million fanfold tickets per year.

“Our mission at Confidex is to provide a full-service for our customers. We are glad to be helping RET for this demanding project by supplying a wide mix of customized tickets within a tight delivery time,” says Pierre Chadebech, Confidex’s Business Development Director, Person ID. “Contactless smart tickets enable public transportation operators to make considerable cost savings through reduced maintenance, while improving customer satisfaction and increasing safety. Our innovative ready-to-use contactless smart tickets, specifically in booklet format, are proving increasingly popular and have been recently adopted by five European cities.”

“The choice for Confidex was based on their offer which was commercially interesting as well as convincing regarding the quality aspects of the tickets,” adds Joop Wiemer. “The start-up with Confidex went very well. Confidex proved to be a proactive company that responded very quickly to the remarks and wishes of RET. Confidex also proved to be a flexible company by realizing a very quick delivery of special tickets for a marketing campaign of RET.”