faerch plast

Packaging material container tracking at Faerch Plast

RFID ensures that the delivery and return of company’s steel cages is automatically registered.


  • Logistics And RTI Operation


Resource-consuming container registering process

Lack of visibility over the container fleet

Costs due to lost containers


Accurate data collection

Reduced manual work

Container usage optimization and cost savings

Faerch Plast is Denmark’s leading producer of plastic packaging materials for food industry. The company is manufacturing a wide range of hygiene and safety compliant plastic trays for example for fresh meat and ready meals packaging. High level of hygiene needs to be ensured also during the transportation of the packaging materials to the food industry customers. For this purpose, Faerch Plast owns 30,000 steel cage containers that are re-used in the materials logistics.

Before implementing the RFID system, the containers were manually registered during the shipment and receiving phases. This was resource-consuming process and risky for errors. Faerch Plast’s RFID system automates both shipping and receiving of the containers. Before leaving the factory, full containers are being read with RFID reader. Both the product and customer data are connected to the container ID in the system.

With the help of the RFID system, provided by Confidex partner Prosign RFID, Faerch Plast knows exactly how many boxes are at a customer’s location, meaning how many must be returned. If containers are not returned, Faerch Plast can, as a last option, invoice the purchase value of the containers from the customer. RFID system helps the company to have real-time data over their container usage and by that way to optimize the use and reduce costs.


Faerch Plast uses reusable steel cage containers for the transportation of the food packaging materials. Because of the high hygiene requirements in food industry, the containers need to be cleaned and disinfected after use. Therefore metal containers are used instead of cardboard or wood packages. The rough handling and the cleaning process are setting the requirements also for the RFID tag’s durability. Confidex Captura™ tag was selected after successful testing due to its performance and easy attaching method. Confidex provided the tags with Faerch Plast –specific EPC-encoding and matching visual information.


Faerch Plast was founded in 1969 and is today Europe’s leading producer of packaging for ready meals. The company has approx. 500 employees working at three factories in Denmark, England and the Czech Republic as well as sales offices in France and the UK. The company specialises in plastic packaging for the food industry and has enjoyed steady growth for the past many years.