New or used tyres – Confidex RFID tags keep them organized on the move and in the warehouse 

Moving and storing tyres has its challenges. Working with CEVA Logistics, the world’s largest IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) provider Goodpack has developed TYRECUBE™ – a solution for transporting and warehousing new and used tyres. Suitable for tyres of all sizes, modular TYRECUBE™ makes moving and storing them much easier. The clever and robust structure calls for RFID solution to match, and indeed all the TYRECUBE™ are equipped with the sturdy Confidex Ironside Slim RFID tags. 

A well-thought transport and storage solution must also support the digitalization and automation of the entire value chain, throughout the product life cycle. That’s why the UIN (Unique Identity Number) of each tyre and the batch number/DOT are linked to the RFID data on each TYRECUBE™. As the data must be read both with RFID gates and a hand-held reader, the quality and reliability of the RFID tags are important factors.

One tag to rule them all

Goodpack has over 4 million IBCs in circulation, each of them featuring a Confidex Ironside Slim RFID tag. Designed specifically for tracking of various metal containers and cages, Ironside Slim boasts both great mechanical endurance and RF performance – including a wide radiation pattern suitable for various reader setups. This gives them an excellent level of flexibility and reliability, improving the warehouse and logistics processes. The field-proven Ironside Slim was also a natural tag of choice for the TYRECUBE™.

Sustainable efficiency

Making tyre shipping and storing less complex is the idea behind modular TYRECUBE™. With the new container, the tyre stocking points and overflow locations can be set up and disassembled quickly and with low cost. The unbroken chain of product data is as important – from rubber raw material to used tyres waiting to be reused. The reliable and flexible Confidex Ironside Slim RFID tag completes the package, enabling a more sustainable, efficient and economical supply chain.

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