Istanbul, Turkey – More than 5 million contactless Smart RFID Tickets supplied for one of the world’s busiest public transportation systems

Over 5 million contactless Smart Tickets supplied for Istanbul transit system including a mix of bus, rail & watercraft.

Confidex has shipped more than 5 million limited-use Contactless PET RFID tickets in support of a new public transit ticketing system in Istanbul, Turkey.

The ISO-14443-A-compliant tickets were purchased by Belbim A.S., through a contract with smart card technology provider PLASTKART Plastikkart Akilli Kart Iletisim Sistemleri. Belbim A.S. is a Turkish company that designs and develops computer systems and software, and provides consulting services to the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, including the city’s electronic transit fare and collection systems.

The mass transit system in Istanbul includes a mix of bus, rail, and watercraft operated by the city, state, and a number of private companies. Millions of passengers utilize the public transit service each day and Istanbul officials are investing heavily in an effort to modernize and increase the usage of public transportation options, while reducing vehicle congestion. The city plans to significantly expand its rail lines and is upgrading its electronic ticketing technology to improve efficiency

The Confidex PET tickets are being used as “5 in 1” single passenger tickets that will replace conventional paper tickets and augment the existing electronic ticketing system

In 1995, Belbim A.S. deployed the AKBIL electronic ticketing solution to help streamline and integrate ticketing across 17 modes of transportation and 11 different operating agencies. The AKBIL electronic tickets are contact memory buttons mounted on plastic keyfobs that regular users of the transit system can purchase and add credit to at their convenience.

The new “5 in 1” RFID tickets will replace the single-use tickets purchased by passengers on an individual basis. The Confidex PET tickets allow passengers to take five trips using a single ticket and provide the transit system with single ticket ride data via the cards’ unique serial numbers. The tickets can be read in 0.3 seconds, which provides customer convenience and increases the efficiency of the transit system.

The Confidex PET tickets provide a durable, water-resistant solution for mass-transit applications and have a longer life span than the typical paper ticket – up to a month, in some cases. The Confidex PET tickets can be printed and personalized according to the individual customer’s requirements.

In May 2008, buses in Istanbul will be outfitted with new wireless readers that can scan the “5 in 1” tickets in addition to the AKBIL devices and new smartcard-based Istanbulkart tickets. Once new reader systems are installed on turnstiles at all piers and rail stations, the RFID tickets will also replace traditional tokens.

“We are pleased to be a part of this innovative electronic ticketing system,” said Torbjörn Andersson, Confidex Vice President, Sales & Business Development. “Our Contactless PET tickets are designed to provide a high-volume, customizable solution for mass transit applications. Istanbul’s “5 in 1″ ticket system is a perfect example of the value that contactless technology provides by improving passenger service and increasing ticketing efficiency.”