Confidex NFC Labels give access to the virtual library of Klagenfurt city in the Project Ingeborg.

In the city of Klagenfurt, Austria, citizens have access to free books and other local art via Near Field Communication technology. This is a result of the Project Ingeborg in which a specific NFC solution was created. The solution builds up a virtual library in the city and a promotion platform for the local artists.

People can use their mobile phones for accessing the free content via NFC and QR-code from the labels that are installed in and around the city. The Project Ingeborg uses Confidex background insensitive NFC labels for ensuring optimum functionality of the system.

Visit the project site at: www.pingeb.org (in German)

"Confidex's on-metal-tags gave us the flexibility to bring our project into the public space."

Georg Holzer
Project Ingeborg

"Conventional NFC-tags did not work on every spot since we found lots of metal grounds."

Picture: Project Ingeborg

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