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Automatic vehicle identification in the Maharashtra border control system

Integrated border control system reduces traffic jams and ensures fast processing times


  • Automotive
  • Traffic Management


Slow and resource consuming processing times

Frequent traffic jams and queues


Fully integrated system combines fast all needed data for border officials

Reduced processing times result in less traffic jams

In the state of Maharashtra, the commercial capital state of India, Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation, MSRDC, is in the process of modernizing the state’s border checkpoints. In the past, formalities were manually processed resulting in high processing times and traffic jams at the stations. The new border control system utilizes passive UHF RFID based Automatic Vehicle Identification technology that enables both reliable large scale vehicle and traffic management as well as enhanced traffic flow.

The Confidex Windshield Label™ is issued and affixed on each vehicle’s windshield and automatically read when the vehicle approaches the checkpoint. The RFID reader setup is set at the side of each lane and the system also uses cameras for identifying and verifying the vehicle’s license plate number.

The required vehicle information; tax, insurance, permit, pollution and driver, is instantly retrieved from the central database. This allows border officers to make quick decisions regarding the border control.

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“Confidex’s product performance, quality as well as the level of service has met the needs in our rapid ramp up of this passive UHF RFID vehicle identification project”

K. A. Santhosh Kumar
Project Director
HCL Infosystems Ltd.
Border checkpost IT infrastructure provider

”This led us to define Confidex’s product as de facto form for RFID labels in the entire system”