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We are pleased to offer our customers a wide range of capabilities to meet their requirements. Our engineering team is able to develop a product, which fits the constraints of most of the equipment available in the market. Confidex full-service offering includes a wide range of ticketing formats for variable applications specializing in cost efficient solutions, high quality and functionality.

We maintain very close relationships with leading system integrators such as Cubic, Thales, ACS Xerox, VIX, Scheidt & Bachmann, Parkeon, Indra and KentKart to continuously improve our products. Contactless smart tickets, smart keys or passes must be considered as part of a complete system. This is why we have paid special attention to the compliance of our contactless media products with existing ticketing infrastructures at each stage, from designing to manufacturing and delivery.

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How to select the smart ticketing format?

Physical format

1.  Physical format

Confidex offers several ticket sizes and form factors for customers with different ticket issuing procedures. Tickets can be supplied on reel and fanfold format for the automatic fare collection and ticket vending machines and in single-cut and carnet formats for manual issuing processes.

Depending on your ticket lifespan requirements, whether the use is occasional or semi-occasional, the ticket material selection can be chosen from reinforced paper to PET materials. All of the materials enable good resistance against normal wear and tear and depending on the materials, ticket usage can vary from 6 months up to 3 years.

Customizing the tickets

2.  Customizing the tickets

Confidex is experienced in customizing tickets for various customer requirements. Tickets are typically electrically encoded and containing certificates, fare, trip, value or validity date data. For your customer specific personalization we offer:

  • Offset type 4 colors artwork printing
  • Thermal paper
  • Post-printing for IC UID number, and/or customer specific incremental serial number, etc.
  • Electrical encoding for the IC.
Optimizing the ticket tracking and delivery

3.  Optimizing the ticket tracking and delivery

Confidex tickets are delivered fully customized and packaged for distribution. Packing of the tickets is done according to your specification for direct loading process into automatic fare collection equipment.

For ticket tracking visibility, we offer:

  • The electrical format log file from the delivered tickets can be provided e.g. in CD ROM format, which enables full traceability service through the IC serial number.
  • Full box numbering scheme and traceability is also supported by the manufacturing operations.
Confidex ready-to-use fare media 

4. Confidex ready-to-use fare media

A single order can contain up to 20 different fares - 20 artworks and 20 electrical personalizations and a wide range of shapes - from ISO to custom, delivered when needed with reliability.

Join now our satisfied customers, as we have already shipped cumulatively more than 600 Million units to the mass transportation operators around the world!

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