Confidex Flex™

Confidex Flex™ flexible on-metal RFID label for component logistics

Cars are built from thousands of different components and parts. In order to have the right components in the right place, at the right time of manufacturing, the pull production and logistics processes follow highly fine-tuned just-in-sequence material flows.

Confidex Flex™ RFID labels connect the high-value components automatically to electronic data interface (EDI). This makes component tracking error-free and gives real-time data about the inventories. By that way Tier 1 part suppliers, OEM’s and logistics providers can further optimize the inventory levels and gain resource savings.

High-value assets, many kinds, reliably identified

Confidex Flex™ is designed to match with wide variety of components – whether the component is plastic, metal, flat or curved. Label’s flexible structure with its strong background adhesive makes it durable identification method for components ranging from car batteries to plastic parts.

Identification is reliable with various reader setups from dock-door reading setup to handheld reader verification.

Personalized with VDA-compatible data, ready for EDI

Confidex Flex™ are personalized with customers’ data. This can mean for example VDA, Verband der Automobilindustrie, standard compatible encoding of the IC and visual marking of the label’s surface. All this ensure interoperability among the automotive supply chain’s different players so that the components can be automatically connected to the electronic data interface (EDI).

Applicable industries:

Confidex Flex™

Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing

Confidex Flex™

Product details

Product Category

Label On-metal


UHF (C1G2)




55 x 25 x 2,2 mm
2,17 x 0,98 x 0,09 in


496 bit EPC

Read range

up to 5 m
16 ft


-35°C to +85°C
-31°F to +185°F

IP class


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