Your passenger experience management, transformed

Give your customers a better experience by providing them with relevant, real-time, spatially aware information. MYVIA by Confidex™ powers personalized, stress-free travel experience.

Visible airport operations at your fingertips

We offer real-time tracking of passengers and airport assets so that you can optimize your airport management. Wide variety of vector-based maps, custom views and data integration possibilities makes your operations real-time and data-driven.

Secure, easy-to-use platform, your business-critical tool

Comprehensive MYVIA by Confidex™ real-time location platform enables mobile travel experience and operational excellence. MYVIA by Confidex™ is end-to-end, off-the-shelf platform based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology, designed to plug in to existing apps.

Enhance passenger experience

We have designed the comprehensive platform addressing the key objectives of airport operators.

Contextual data always available

We offer high accuracy locationing securely, combined with various crowd monitoring technologies.

Increase revenues

MYVIA allows to run house ads and 3rd party ads to increase your revenues. Monetize your existing assets with better targeting.

Eliminate service interferences

Proactively identify issues on a dashboard, pinpoint disruptions and automatically orchestrate measures.

It’s easy to use

Redundant, secure service management solution in the cloud for real-time, data-driven operations management.

Manage issues at lightspeed

Prevent issues by assessing operations real time, and engage the resources to resolve issues. MYVIA is designed to be the business-critical operations execution tool.

Trusted by 700 M passengers

MYVIA is built with expertise of moving 700 M+ travelers all around the world.

Integrated data

Data is accepted from multiple sources.

Airport use cases:

Revenue and loyalty improvement:

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