Confidex Steelwave Micro II NFC™ Tag

Confidex Steelwave Micro II™ NFC is a small-sized tag for various asset tagging purposes. NFC adds ubiquitos identification possibilities to common consumer devices and enables cost efficient, instant, innovative services and support models. Versatile attachment options make this small product a real All-Around indoor asset tag and enables new possibilities in various applications.

Confidex Personalization Services will ensure you get your tag as you need it and tags are ready for commissioning right out of the box.

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Confidex Steelwave Micro II NFC™ Tag

Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing

Confidex Steelwave Micro II NFC™ Tag

Product details

Product Category

Hard tag




NFC Forum Type 2 tag


38 x 13 x 4,5 mm
1,5 x 0,51 x 0,18 in


144 Bytes user memory

Read range


-20°C to +70°C
-4°F to +158°F

IP class