Confidex PulpLabel

Confidex Paper Reel Label™

Efficient way to track goods or paper reel units and generate savings in material flow management.

With Confidex Paper Reel Label Confidex RFID product meets the unique requirements of the manufacturing and storage processes in the pulp and paper industry. This particular tag is designed to withstand high pressure: it can withstand a ton of paper on top without damaging the IC. Also, it has great performance that is needed to be able to read tag through thick layer of paper.

why to select Confidex Paper reel label?

    • Proven to be effective and reliable
    • Enables cost reduction through increased inventory turnover
    • Enables correct stock data in real-time & increased operational performance
    • Enables close to 100% accuracy of identification
    • Less loading errors & frequent inventory
    • Elimination of labor requirements at ports
    • Knowledge of exact units shipped & prevention of sending wrong units
    • Real-time data about consumption for the end customer
    • End customer is less tied in capital in VMI.
Confidex Paper Reel Label™

Personalization options

  • Encoding
  • Printing

Confidex Paper Reel Label™

Product details

Product Category



UHF (C1G2)




96 x 26 x 0,34 mm
3,78 x 1,02 x 0,013 in


96 bit EPC

Read range

up to 8 m
26 ft


-35°C to +85°C
-31°F to +185°F

IP class