Confidex Links NFC™ – the professional NFC label for product identification.

User base nearing 2 billion

Most smartphones currently shipping are NFC enabled. By 2018 there will be about 2 billion NFC phones in daily use globally. This means you already have a vast user base out there, ready to discover the content you want to share.

Get started quickly and easily

To create and use NFC applications you don’t need to build a complex and expensive RFID infrastructure.

Also, using NFC is ”cloud free”: you’re not tied to any single cloud service provider. Your content can be stored anywhere online.

Create more value to your customers

Give your customers the information they need in the right place at the right time. Share your marketing messages, user guides, videos, location and directions, cool new apps, product authentications… all with just one touch.

What is NFC?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standardized protocol that enables NFC device to communicate with NFC tags by bringing them close (2-3cm) each other. Further on, NFC tag can open offline or online content via links embedded into it.

Confidex Links NFC™


Make sure your product manual is always at hand when and where needed. Make it available via an NFC link.

Confidex Links NFC™


Share your address with your customers and give them instant driving directions – with just a touch on their phone.

Confidex Links NFC™


Promote your product or service at the right time in the right place: let your customers play your video on their phone screen.

Confidex Links NFC™


Make sure your client won’t lose your business card. Hand them one that has your contact info on an NFC tag – and it’ll be stored on their phone with one touch.

Confidex Links NFC™


Provide relevant on-the-spot information at a point of interest (museum, art gallery, library, college… ) with one touch.

Confidex Links NFC™


Set an alarm for the morning. Switch all lights off when you leave home. Share your home WiFi with friends. Lock and unlock your door… all with one touch. The list goes on!

Confidex Links NFC™

Apps & games

Want people to have quick access to your mobile app or game? Provide them with the easiest possible download link – one touch on the phone.

Confidex Links NFC™


You have a valuable product and an equally valuable brand. Prove to your customers that the product they bought is genuine.

Confidex Links NFC™

Print media

Engage and delight your magazine-reading audience. Send free samples, videos, music, games and other content to their phone from a direct link on a printed page.

What do you want to link?

How to Catch 'Em All?

"More than 75% of U.S. consumers who participated in a recent study were "very satisfied with their experience" of NFC compared to a 53% satisfaction rate for quick-response (QR) codes"


How to Connect Manuals Online?

"An analysis of 14,267 NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS) maintenance reports, logged from 2001 to 2011, showed that nearly 64%—about 9,000 of the incidents coded in the reporting system—were related to technical documentation, procedural challenges or both. In these reports the three most common reasons for errors were:

  • Non-use of documentation.
  • Not using the most current document.
  • Using the wrong document."

Source: Aircraft Technical Publishers (ATP)

How to Make Package Smart Cost Efficiently?

"The global smart packaging market is expected to reach US$26.7bn by 2024, according to a new report from market research firm Grand View Research. NFC is projected to be the fastest-growing segment, registering a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 12% in the next eight years."


How to Connect Print Media to Online Content?

" 2020 customer experience will be the „key brand differentiator“ and will push aside price and product. 86% of the consumers will pay more for an enhanced customer experience."


Walker Customers 2020: The Future of B-to-B Customer Experience

How does it work?


Decide how much memory you need


Decide between ordering customized tags or printing your own

Personalized and encoded tags

If you are in the high volume market (50,000+ tags ), specify how you want your tags to be customized for branding, graphics, encoding, data matrix etc. and contact Confidex partner for personalized tags.

Individually programmed tags

This is a good choice when you want to program all tags by yourself (some hundreds of tags) and possibly add those to posters, postcards, business cards etc. and encode them with the NFC-phone of your choice. Contact Confidex partners for blank tags.


That's it.

Test your Confidex Links NFC™ labels with

your NFC enabled smartphone.

Start sharing the quality content your

customers deserve.

Near-field communication (NFC) based Dynamic Parts Authentication™ by Confidex and Sasken protects automotive companies from counterfeit spare parts.

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