8 reasons why Confidex Ironside Slim™ RFID tag secures your success in tracking metal Returnable Transit Items

Metal returnable transit items (RTI) are designed for rough handling and high durability. They are used for transporting and protecting goods for example in automotive, postal, food, beverage and retail logistics.

Harsh environment of RTIs

Containers, roll cages and intermediate bulk containers are stored outdoors, handled roughly and facing washing processes - the RFID tag must tolerate all of the same elements.

When the empty metal RTIs are stored and transported as compactly as possible, anything that sticks out from the RTI will face brutal friction. In the worse case non-optimized RFID tag will limit the handling possibilities of the RTI, which obviously should not happen.

Needed: Reliable data

RFID tags are one of the key parts in RFID projects when each and every high value asset, such as metal RTIs, must be reliably identified in the field, for years. If data acquiring is not reliable, the data-driven system benefits can’t be reached. Also, if the RFID tag is not optimized for each case, the indirect costs related to total cost of ownership are not optimized.

For working simply, the RFID tags must be optimized in all ways for the metal RTIs so that you can minimize the risk for indirect, often unpredictable costs. Confidex RFID tags are designed specifically for this: to enable companies to receive data from their physical assets and use this data further in Smart Logistics and IoT applications. Reliably.

Learn how these 8 ways are both lowering your total cost of ownership and decreasing risks in your successful RFID RTI tracking system!


1) The best global friend of metal. Metal is typically an RF-unfriendly material. Ironside Slim is optimized for metal and global frequency band, making it the best friend of a metal RTI.

2) Facing it all. Metal RTIs are designed to face extreme conditions and so is Ironside Slim. The tag’s durable structure faces summer temperatures and winter storms together with the RTI. RTIs may also go through various washing processes and that’s generally OK, too! For unique chemicals not listed in our product specification, feel free to consult us.

3) Superior performance from secure location. Ironside Slim performs reliably with hand-held, gate and forklift truck readers. With max power the read range reaches up to 10 meters or 33 feet. The RFID tag fits perfectly on narrow metal structures and its wide RF radiation pattern allows placement "behind the corner", inside the RTI's main exterior dimensions. By that way Ironside Slim is not affecting the integrity of the RTI nor its handling.

4) Heavy-duty attachment quaranteed. Ironside Slim’s structure is reinforced with metal. This makes the use of self-drilling screws both easy and reliable without risking the plastic structure with high torque. Sometimes the RTI can’t be punched - durable adhesive tape or various industrial adhesive pastes work in that case.

5) Fully synchronized data. One single RTI is often used by several customers. Some of them may still be using more traditional identification technologies. When needed, which is pretty often, Confidex provides Ironside Slim with laser-marked datamatrix, barcode or visual serial number. All this data of course fully synchronized with the tag's EPC code. In many cases, one RTI is equipped with two RFID tags – full synchronization is done also for these sets.

6) Looking for latest industry standard compliance and extra user memory? The newest version of Ironside Slim comes with RAIN RFID IC Impinj Monza 4E that provides 496 bit EPC memory + 128 bits user memory.

7) Ensuring overall quality, minimizing your risks. 100% quality control is our standard. It doesn’t mean that products are checked once at the end of the production line, packed and shipped. We design what we manufacture and we own the full chain of our RFID tag and label manufacturing. For a customer, this means a truly optimal product design and having control over every step of the chain, not only the production.

8) It’s proven. Join the group of customers whose RTI management system is running with Ironside Slim tags already today. Ironside Slim is implemented in projects ranging from a few thousand RTIs up to more than two million RTIs.

Ironside Slim tags secure your successful RFID RTI project. By selecting Ironside Slim and partnering with Confidex, you receive the several decades long experience of our design and manufacturing team. We also control the product lifecycle and manage the production versions to ensure you will have a matching, backwards compatible product for you RTI also in the future. Our products are designed to link your valuable assets into Smart Logistics and IoT applications and enable data collection wherever the assets are read. Reliably.