Easy-to-use, easy-to-implement, matching with the application’s requirements, industrial-grade and rugged (it can be pretty harsh environments in the logistics and manufacturing chains)


Compliant with customer requirements and needed standards. Encrypted, when needed.


Same products and designs needs to be available independently on the volume. We can support the same products in volumes from small test volumes to large, global implementations.


Already today, Links are core parts of several business-critical, enterprisegrade applications to control, verify and identify assets in complex manufacturing and logistics processes.

Reliable LINKS between physical and digital world

Confidex LINKS are built on short-range wireless technology


NFC for professionals. Confidex Links NFC™ is the fastest link between your physical product and digital content.

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a standardized protocol that enables NFC device to communicate with NFC tags by bringing them close (2-3cm) each other. Further on, NFC tag can open offline or online content via links embedded into it.


  • Secure connection
  • Mobile phone works as reader
  • Easy implementation
  • For industrial and commercial use
  • Dynamic Parts Authentication™ for original spare parts

Our products:

Confidex NFC tag and label product portfolio includes hard tags and labels.

Confidex DesignStudio™ serves when in need of unique tags & labels in volumes. Our pioneering R&D team offers the best solutions in the industry, for demanding industrial customers, such as Volvo, Hilti and Container Centralen.

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Proven & reliable industrial-grade Confidex RFID technology enables Enterprise IoT.

RFID has become a part of everyday life for most of us. It has become a vital part of supply chain management, improving delivery capabilities and traceability of items. Today RFID is widely used in access control, border control and public transportation.

Confidex ingenuity, knowhow and passion to excel have resulted several milestones where Confidex has achieved something as the first in RFID industry.


  • Vital part of supply chain management, linking physical assets to data
  • Improves delivery capabilities and traceability of items
  • Enables accurate inventories

Our products

Confidex offers industry-leading modular RAIN RFID tag and labels families such as durable & long-range Confidex Ironside™, Confidex Survivor™, washable Confidex Carrier Pro™ and printable on-metal label family Confidex Silverline™.

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Confidex DesignStudio™ serves when in need of unique tags & labels in volumes. Our pioneering R&D team offers the best solutions in the industry, for demanding industrial customers, such as Volvo, Hilti and Container Centralen.

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Confidex VIKING™ Bluetooth® beacon family dedicated for harsh & demanding, business-critical environment. The only IP68 beacons in the markets.

Founded on over a decade’s experience in industrial wireless identification, Confidex Viking™, modular industrial grade Bluetooth beacon family, based on Nordic Semiconductor nRF52-series Bluetooth Low Energy chipset, has started its path to set the standard for industrial grade asset tracking, indoor, outdoor locating and sensor telemetry.


  • Locate and sense accurately
  • Maintenance free with extra long life-time

Our products:

Modular Confidex VIKING™ Bluetooth® beacon product portfolio is designed for industrial applications, such as construction sites, stations, airports and terminals. The durable and highly reliable devises endure outdoor environment, impacts, dust and moisture.

Confidex DesignStudio™ serves when in need of unique industrial beacons in volumes.

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Industry 4.0 revolution in practise
How to optimize logistics and manufacturing processes with Confidex RFID, NFC and Bluetooth®

Smart manufacturing

RFID tags enable reduced stocks, effective supply chains and production control.

Create more value to your customers

Give your customers the information they need in the right place at the right time. Share your marketing messages, user guides, videos, location and directions, cool new apps, product authentications… all with just one touch.

Designed to endure

In a factory, time is money. Stop the production line, and money starts going down the drain with every passing second. The last thing you want is a broken RFID label. That’s why LINKS by Confidex is your choice when reliability is the top priority.

Never loose a tool or an item again

Keep track and manage resources between different construction sites.

Smart Logistics

RFID applications to track and trace goods from supplier to customers have become standard in around-the-clock logistics operations.

Save time, make money.

Better control over materials - right parts and components are readily available for the just-in-time production.

For harsh environments

Physical world is beyond bits – it’s dust, rain, vibration and friction. LINKS by Confidex™ link the physical to digital in the harshest environments.

Effective Supply Chains

LINKS by Confidex™ tag secures your success in tracking metal, plastic or wooden assets or Returnable Transit Items.

Industry 4.0 in practise

More than 40 major companies – turnover €1 billion – link their assets with our devices.

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