All packaging materials used by Confidex are listed below with their corresponding material codes in accordance with European Union Commission Decision 97/129/EC. Please check the packaging materials used with your product and refer to the list to recycle them accordingly.

Packaging productMaterialAbbreviationMaterial code
Anti-static ESD bagPolyethylene terephthalatePET1
Plastic air bubble bag Low density polyethylene LDPE4
Plastic bag High density polyethyleneHDPE2
Rubber band Natural latexNL7
Packing beltPolypropylenePP5
CardboardCorrugated fibreboardPAP20
Paper core Non-corrugated fibreboardPAP21
Plastic core Acrylonitrile butadiene styreneABS7
DessicantSilicon dioxideSiO27
Filler paperPaperPAP22
Packing foam Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymerEVA7
Sticker label Paper and adhesiveC/PAP22
Silicone liner Paper and silicone oilC/PAP22
Carton packing box Corrugated fibreboardPAP20
Plastic pallet High density polyethyleneHDPE2
Plywood palletWood and ironFOR50
Plastic tape Polyethylene terephthalatePET1
Plastic tape Polyvinyl chloridePVC3
Anti-stick ESD tape Polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylenePET + PP7
Paper tape Paper and adhesiveC/PAP22
Teflon tape PolytetrafluoroethenePTFE7
Paper tray Corrugated fibreboardPAP20
Plastic tray Anti-static polystyrenePS6
Plastic trayHigh density polyethyleneHDPE2
Plastic tray Polyethylene terephthalatePET1
Plastic shrink wrap bagPolypropylenePP5
Plastic shrink wrap bag Polyvinyl chloridePVC3


Confidex packaging materials (pdf 123kb)

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