Confidex Xenon™ for smart and secure traffic

Electronic toll collection (ETC) and other smart traffic systems present many technical challenges. The identification information must be read quickly, reliably and securely. What’s more, the system must be secured against frauds and counterfeiting. The new Xenon traffic labels by Confidex have been designed to tackle all these challenges.

The first product in Xenon line was born when our customer in Asia needed an RFID traffic label that would hold in a motorcycle lamp. The application is demanding – the label is exposed to weather, it must be transparent so it doesn’t obstruct the light and it cannot be transferred to another vehicle.

During our product development we experienced an exciting breakthrough in making the label extremely tamper proof with innovative break on removal structure. We have challenged some of our customers to try and remove Confidex Xenon intact, and they have been astonished by its security.

More development work was made to make the label even more suitable for mass production – the production volumes in this application can be hundreds of millions. Extensive testing for chemical resistance was made as well, as the label can be exposed to anything from car wash to road salt.

VIP for added security

The premium model of the product line is a windshield label called Confidex Xenon VIP, which combines all the tamper proof qualities of the basic model with a real first in passive RFID traffic labels: a high level crypto mechanism on state-of-the-art NXP chip. The need for encryption is clear as you think about the nature of road tolls: they are essentially payments, so why not have the similar security as with your credit card?

Of course, encryption on a passive RFID label presents many technical challenges – something Confidex has never been afraid of. Only the latest advances in NXP chips have made the application possible in the first place. After all, the reading and two-way authentication must take place in milliseconds and the reading distance must be reasonably long.

Confidex Xenon VIP fulfills all the requirements with flying colors. For the first time, it is possible to securely read traffic label without stopping, without heavy infrastructure or manual labor – and combine that with mechanical security in form of tamper proof design.

Flexibility by design

Unlike many other RFID label manufacturers, Confidex does everything in-house. This results in more flexible customization options. Hence the name VIP – it stands for Variable Information Printing. The labels can be made in different colors, with graphics or printed safety features according to customer needs. Also the size or shape of the label can be altered as needed.

The game changer

Bringing crypto mechanism to traffic label can affect many aspects of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and electronic toll collection (ETC). By pushing the limits of technology a bit further Confidex has potentially changed the way we all drive and pay for road tolls or parking – and much more. Indeed, more and more national operators are shifting towards the battery-less, passive RFID technology because it makes sense both economically and environmentally.

PRESS RELEASE: Confidex releases XENON VIP – The Tamper Evident Crypto RFID Label for Smart Traffic

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