LINKS by Confidex™ makes Industrial NFC easy and reliable

LINKS by Confidex™ tags and labels are built on wireless technology: NFC, RFID and Bluetooth. How are we different? It's easy! Our products are designed especially for industrial environment. The newest addition to our NFC offering is modular On-Metal label - perfect for linking metallic tools, assets and machinery to mobile content.

NFC brings data to your products

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is designed for data transfer over short distances. Data is attached to items by means of NFC tags, which can store smaller amount of data locally, contain a web link or launch an app that can be opened using a smartphone. NFC solutions are used to verify the authenticity of products, such as spare parts for cars. This technology also improves safety at work: industrial machines can be equipped with video instructions.

Every day, Confidex short-range wireless products link more than 100 Million assets to data all around world.

Success with NFC

NFC is already in use for many industrial applications, such as construction industry and power tool market. Read more about our solution for Hilti or download our white paper NFC for Construction Industry, featuring maintenance, authentication, tracking & security benefits enabled by NFC.

To kick-start your NFC project, Confidex offers both DesignStudio and following readily available portfolio products:

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About Confidex

Confidex designs and delivers wireless identification solutions built on the pioneering smart tickets, Confidex RFID & NFC tags and labels, Bluetooth beacons and supporting software services – the key enablers linking assets and people in business-critical processes. The company has enabled wireless IoT solutions since 2005, making supply chains, transactions and authentication of goods or people more efficient. With its global network of resellers and distributors, Confidex, the technology award -winning Finnish company, serves its customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia.