The Current Big Thing? Links for the World!

It took a good ten years for Bluetooth and WiFi. Now NFC is getting there too: it is finally becoming mainstream. And we are there to help make it happen.

RFID has been around for quite some time, successfully used in asset tracking, transport ticketing, manufacturing, et cetera. So what makes NFC such a big thing?

First of all, you don’t need to build an extensive and expensive infrastructure to use it. The infrastructure is already there – in people’s pockets. Most smartphones currently shipping are NFC enabled; by the end of 2016 there will be an estimated 2 billion NFC phones in daily use around the world.

Secondly, it’s extremely simple and easy to use. You don’t need to install an app or try and aim your phone camera at a weird blotch of ink (QR codes, anyone?) to make a sticker talk to you. And you don’t need to browse and select a Bluetooth device from a long list on your screen.

You just take your phone and touch the tag, the big “N”. As far as user interfaces go, that’s about as intuitive as you can get. And now the time is ripe for creating endless applications that help make better business and life easier with NFC links - like we like to call it “Links for the World”.

Introducing Confidex Links™: the world’s first modular NFC tags

We at Confidex proudly present the first modular NFC product in the world, called Confidex Links™.

The keyword “modular” means a number of things:

  • The tag comes in three different memory options (NXP NTAG210u, NTAG213, NTAG216) and the chip can be changed as required per your application.
  • The memory capacities range from 48 bytes containing a simple URL to 888 bytes, which can hold e.g. your business card information.
  • You can personalize the tags with brand images, colors etc. Or you can order simply blank stickers if you prefer.
  • Different surfaces need different adhesives. We can apply the best adhesive to make sure your sticker will stick wherever it needs to.

For Confidex partners, modularity is great news. You can market the Confidex Links™ product to end-customers with three IC options. When it comes to personalization requests of Confidex Links™ in volumes, we can offer it to you as a service. NFC has been never easier to implement for large print ad campaigns!

Linking the digital with the physical

We call this product Confidex Links™ for a reason. The NFC tag provides the easiest link between a physical product and the related online content you want your customers to reach, for example:

  • marketing (“get a discount coupon here”)
  • product authentication (“check here that this cognac is the real thing”)
  • user guides (“see a video how to assemble this table”)
  • access control (“open this gate with your wristband”).

The list goes on. It can be whatever you can imagine – and it’ll always be just one touch away.

So where is NFC going?

Right now NFC is considered “the next evolution” in payments. NFC will also be a key technology for IoT – something we at Confidex have been exploring for over 10 years. We have already delivered 600 million NFC tags for public transport tickets in cities around the world.

In terms of future industrial and consumer applications for NFC, “sky’s the limit” seems a bit of an understatement. Whether you’re thinking of apps, location services, photo and video sharing, manuals, you name it: Confidex Links™ will be ready for you.

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