Confidex Carrier Tough Slim™ – a product for the tough world

Products designed for specific customer needs make up a large part of Confidex sales. Sometimes the resulting product finds its way to our generic offering. Such was the case with Confidex Carrier Tough Slim™– an RFID tag designed specifically for plastic pallets and other returnable containers.

A long-time Confidex customer with millions of RFID tags already installed on their returnable containers needed a tough, durable RFID tag with personalization options for optical reading. So they turned directly to us with their specific needs.

New material

Working on our previous products of the Carrier product line, it was fairly straightforward to include our old success factors – reading distance of up to 12 meters and excellent built quality. But the real breakthrough was the material: we discovered a plastic that was far less brittle than the previously used. That meant easier installation with screws, as washers were no longer required. The new tag could be bent, and it is less likely to crack when pallets collide on each other.

One tough tag

The result of our product development was an RFID tag would take some serious beating, could be bent, washed many, many times without a problem, withstood chemicals and had space for two bar codes and number ID – all in a small footprint. The customer requirements were strict, but all were met.

Did we go over the top?

So, we created a nearly bullet-proof tag. But why would a large company with hundreds of millions of RTIs (returnable transit items) choose this Superman of tags instead of cheap sticker? Simply because reliability is worth far more than the price of the tag. Each manual reading or tag replacement produces secondary costs that make up much more than the price of a really reliable tag. Time is money, as they say.

Too good not to use

The new tag turned out to be so tough that we wanted to bring it for everyone, so we added it to our offering of generic tags. Born out of real-world need, Carrier Tough Slim™ does what is was made for – offer reliable reading in a compact tag, withstand washing, chemicals, wear and tear, can be installed with screws, rivets or high-end industrial grade adhesive back. A welcome addition to our Carrier product line!

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