Athens becomes the 100th city using contactless smart tickets provided by Confidex

Athens, Greece - December 17th, 2018

Confidex has been selected to deliver millions of smart tickets to OASA Group, Athens Urban Transport Organization, claiming Athens – population 3.75 million in metropolitan area – as the 100th city using contactless technology provided by Confidex. The mission of OASA Group, including the companies Road transport S.A. and Urban Rail Transport S.A., is to increase the efficiency of the public transportation services for the benefit of the passengers utilizing the technology and by this way to improve the quality of life in Athens.

The contract, signed between OASA and Confidex, includes a total of 500,000 Desfire 4kB cards and 51,700,000 Mifare Ultralight EV1 128B tickets to fulfil the needs of the Athenian public transport network in 2019.

The CEO of OASA, Ioannis Skoumbouris, and the CEO of Confidex LTD, Timo Lindström, signed the contract in Athens in November.

Following the signing of the agreement, Ioannis Skoumbouris stated that "the Agency has selected the most economical solution for the provision of electronic tickets and cards since the beginning of their deployment in Athens."

Timo Lindström is looking forward to supplying smart tickets to Athens:

“This contract with OASA further strengthens Confidex’s global leadership in public transport ticketing. The contract gives Confidex a good basis to develop our operations and technologies for smart mobility solutions.”

About OASA Group

OASA Group consists of the Athens Urban Transport Organization (OASA), which is responsible for financing the Athens Urban Transport System and of the companies “Road Transport S.A.” operating transport services by buses and trolley buses and “Urban Rail Transport S.A.”, operating transport services by the metro, electric railway and tram.

About Confidex

Confidex designs and delivers wireless identification solutions built on the RFID and NFC based smart tickets, tags and labels, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons and supporting software services – the key enablers linking assets and people in business-critical processes. The company has enabled wireless Enterprise IoT solutions since 2005, making supply chains, manufacturing processes, transactions and authentication of goods or people more efficient. With its global network of resellers and distributors, Confidex, the technology award-winning Finnish company, serves its customers representing a broad range of industries in Europe, Americas, Middle-East and Asia.

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