How to make car parts communicate automatically with EDI?

Cars are built from thousands of different components and parts. In order to have the right components in the right place, at the right time of manufacturing, the pull production and logistics processes follow highly fine-tuned just-in-sequence material flows.

Increased automation, better control
To ensure steady flow of the right components and to minimize the buffer stocks, automotive supply chain parties require real-time records of the component movements and consumption. RFID can further automate several control points along the supply chain: by equipping the components with specifically optimized RFID labels, components can be identified and verified without manual interference. With this process, purchase orders can be directly placed to the supplier through EDI (electronic data interface) in real time, when the need for replenishment component arises. Additionally, RFID increases automation for example in outbound shipment verification at supplier or component inbound logistics and inventory statuses at OEM. By that way Tier 1 part suppliers, OEM’s and logistics providers can further optimize their processes and gain resource savings.

High-value assets, many kinds, reliably identified
Confidex Flex™ RFID labels are optimized specifically for component logistics. The RFID label is designed to match with wide variety of components – whether the component is plastic, metal, flat or curved. Label’s flexible structure with its strong background adhesive makes it durable identification method for components ranging from car batteries to plastic parts. As the EDI messages are following VDA-standard, it is important to offer enough memory on the RFID label to comply with the VDA interoperability data schemes.

In Odette 2017, Confidex releases its component tracking label, Confidex Flex™ with NXP UCODE 7xm IC to comply with VDA requirements.

“Component tracking with RAIN RFID makes material flows even more efficient in the automotive supply chain. We’re pleased to partner with Confidex to serve automotive customers with reliable and high-performance technology.” says Mahdi Mekic, Marketing Director for RAIN RFID at NXP.

“We’re excited to offer our customers in automotive supply chain new opportunities for further process optimization with RFID. Confidex Flex™ is a great example of RFID label that is designed together with automotive customer for matching with their specific requirements.” says Timo Inkinen, Executive VP, Smart Industries at Confidex.

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