11.10.2019, 9:21
Keeping track of a million helmets: Confidex and PT Electrodata provide an RFID tag solution for Indonesia-based Gojek multiservice startup
In just under ten years, the Indonesia-based Gojek, a multi-service platform and digital payment technology startup, has grown into a ten-billion-dollar enterprise with over two million motorcycle taxis and couriers in several Southeast Asian countries. To keep track of the inventory and distribution of the helmets and jackets of all these motorcycle drivers, Confidex provided Gojek with an RFID tag that can endure the hardships of daily work.
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24.9.2019, 11:00
Pilot Aims to Prove Passive RTLS Success for Manufacturing Site
RTV Engineering has built a solution leveraging RF Controls' overhead reader and antenna system to track the locations of a manufacturer's bins of materials as they are stacked seven bins high on metal racks, thereby enabling the company to know where its components and materials are located in real time. By Claire Swedberg
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17.6.2019, 16:00
The Convergence of Technologies in Warehouse and Inventory Management
RFID, RTLS, the Internet of Things and blockchain can drive innovation throughout the supply chain. How will these key technology trends affect warehouse and supply chain operations across various industries? By Adrian Turchet, Joe Hoerl and Graham Fenton
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