17.12.2018, 15:00
Athens becomes the 100th city using contactless smart tickets provided by Confidex
Confidex has been selected to deliver millions of smart tickets to OASA Group, Athens Urban Transport Organization, claiming Athens – population 3.75 million in metropolitan area – as the 100th city using contactless technology provided by Confidex. The mission of OASA Group, including the companies Road transport S.S. and Urban Rail Transport S.A., is to increase the efficiency of the public transportation services for the benefit of the passengers utilizing the technology and by this way to improve the quality of life in Athens.
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8.10.2018, 16:00
LINKS by Confidex™ makes Industrial NFC easy and reliable
LINKS by Confidex™ portfolio includes pioneering Confidex NFC, RFID and Bluetooth products designed for Industrial environment. The newest addition to our NFC offering is modular Confidex Links NFC™ On-Metal label - perfect for linking metallic tools, assets and machinery to mobile content.
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2.10.2018, 9:06
Confidex delivers future-proof Smart Tickets for Glasgow Subway
Confidex was awarded by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT), the largest of Scotland’s seven regional transport partnerships, as the supplier of Smart Tickets for Glasgow Subway. The ambition with the SPT's current modernization programme is to create a service and product offering which sets the benchmark for all other metro systems. An integrated smart ticketing system plays an important part in the plan.
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