Cure for the counterfeiting pandemic in the automotive industry

The annual cost of counterfeiting to the automotive industry is £28 billion. As counterfeits are designed to be as perfect replicas as possible, not even car mechanics and other professionals can recognize a counterfeit when they see one.

  • Legitimate manufacturers invest substantial resources in research and product development and in building a reputation for quality among consumers.
  • Counterfeiters seek to profit from this work and reputation. The sales and profits lost because of this unfair competition translate directly into lower wages, lost jobs, and higher prices for consumers.
  • For the automotive industry, the good news is that a solution is now available for protecting companies and their shareholders and customers.
  • Confidex and Sasken proudly present the Dynamic Parts AuthenticationTM solution.

Gain business benefits with intelligent spare parts

Intelligent, cloud-connected spare parts increase security and open new ways for gaining business benefits. Dynamic Parts Authentication™ solution helps automotive companies to:

  • Protect consumer safety
  • Clarify liabilities and warranties
  • Protect the brand
  • Adjust car settings dynamically
  • Improve accuracy of the car repair history
  • Increase supply chain visibility

Watch the demo below to see DPA™ in action and how car parts are secured and linked cloud using Confidex Links NFC™ (near field communication) tags, which can be customized for different types of spare parts.

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