• Smart City Utilities

Smart Cities are built with various networks and equipment, like cable & sewer, as well as with tools and services.

To manage this complexity and to track assets reliably, Confidex offers high-quality wireless identification products for indoor and outdoor use.

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Manage outdoor assets

Managing outdoor assets like power cable reels, pallets, cabinets, bins, totes, roll cages - made out of metal, plastic or wood in various shapes. Confidex tags can be attached with adhesive, cable tie, screws, magnetic holder, welding bracket or by locking.

Reliable data built on reliable LINKS.
Confidex NFC, RFID and Bluetooth® products

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Track metal assets in harsh environments

Metal is typically an RF-unfriendly material, but Confidex offers RFID tags optimized for metal and global frequency band, making the tag best friend of a metal asset.

Identify, authenticate and track indoor assets

Enhanced security and better performance with a help of automated inventory and audit processes

Reliable data built on reliable LINKS.
Confidex NFC, RFID and Bluetooth® products

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Suitable products, e.g.:

With RFID and supportive asset management system, asset locations and availability can be seen real time, which is the key for better asset utilization. Similarly, assets such as servers, blade servers and laptops containing sensitive company information can be secured by using RFID tags. With a help of RFID technology the time needed for inventorying can be cut to a fraction compared to manual inventory practices. Regular inventory audits are often needed to comply with financial control regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

Guide visitors and manage visitor flow in public space

We offer real-time tracking of visitors so that you can optimize your site management. Wide variety of vector-based maps, custom views and data integration possibilities makes your operations real-time and data-driven.

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Holistic. Predictive. Accurate.

MYVIA by Confidex™ is a leading holistic platform that enhances the visitor experience and increases operational efficiency of busy buildings - like terminals, stations and airports.

The platform tracks real time what is happening at your site and eases the life of staff by providing them information about the real time location of people and objects. Simultaneously, it makes visitors’ experience straightforward and enjoyable. They find their way effortlessly around the building.