• For efficient material flow management

Smart solutions for pulp logistics or managing goods in the packaging industry.

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Track paper reels or pulp units

Confidex RFID offers effective and reliable way to track goods or pulp units and generate savings in material flow management.

Confidex RFID products meet the unique requirements of the manufacturing processes in the pulp and paper industry. For example, when RFID tags are attached into the pulp bales the tags’ materials need to be pulpable in the pulping process and create no effects on the further papermaking process. Additionally, the tag needs to comply with food contact regulations.


  • Effective and reliable way to track goods or pulp units and generate savings in material flow management.
  • Cost reduction through minimized buffer inventories and increased inventory turnover.
  • Correct stock data in real-time
  • Enables close to 100% accuracy of identification
  • Increased operational performance
  • Less loading errors
  • Less frequent inventory
  • Elimination of labor requirements at ports
  • Knowledge of exact units shipped
  • Prevent sending wrong units
  • Real-time data about consumption for the end customer
  • End customer is less tied in capital in VMI.

"We needed a very reliable, accurate and efficient way of tracking the units throughout the supply chain.

We partnered with Confidex not only for their experience in designing RFID labels for unique requirements, but also for their capabilities in manufacturing such custom labels in high quantities.

In our co-operation with Confidex we value especially their agility in supporting our needs.”

- Matti Alanen, Metsä Fibre, Vice President, Logistics Finland

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Products suitable for pulp, paper and packaging:

Confidex PulpLabel™

Identify and track assets

We offer wireless identification of assets - like pallets, roll-cages and tools - so that you can optimize your factory's asset management.

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Reliable data built on reliable LINKS.
Track assets reliably with Confidex RFID, NFC or Bluetooth® wireless identification products.

Confidex poftfolio includes high-quality tags and labels for, e.g.:

  • Asset tracking in: high temperature/ moist/ wet/ dusty/ impact risky environment
  • Tool or container tracking for reliable inventory
  • Spare parts tracking
  • Life-cycle management

Seeking customized products for the paper industry?

Confidex DesignStudio™ provides industry leading R&D for Pulp, Paper and Packaging applications.

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