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Secure contactless ticket & access pass solutions for buildings and attractions.

Manage visitor flow and track returnable transit items.

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Collect entry fee

Confidex offers ready-made fare media for volumes and flexible on-site desktop ticket machine with full smart ticket personalization capabilities.

DTM by Confidex™ >>

Emerging, innovative DTM by Confidex™ Desktop Ticket Machine for Contactless Media offers you full smart ticket personalization capabilities on-the-go!

Ready-made Confidex Contactless Media >>

Innovative, high quality products have made Confidex the leading supplier of contactless smart tickets globally, producing 15 million tickets per month. Confidex Smart Tickets come in four different delivery forms: reel, fanfold, single cut or carnet (booklet).

Provide visitor badges

Want to give your visitors or people using your service the best possible experience? Fewer queues, smoother access special areas? Contactless smart passes improve visitor experience and let everyone concentrate on what they came to do. That includes running your business with fewer grievances at access gates, pass checks or service desks.

DTM by Confidex™ >>

Emerging, innovative DTM by Confidex™ Desktop Ticket Machine for Contactless Media offers you full smart badge personalization capabilities on-site.

Manage visitor flow

We offer real-time tracking of visitors so that you can optimize your site management. Wide variety of vector-based maps, custom views and data integration possibilities makes your operations real-time and data-driven.

MYVIA by Confidex™ >>

Holistic. Predictive. Accurate.

MYVIA by Confidex™ is a leading holistic platform that enhances the visitor experience and increases operational efficiency of busy buildings - like terminals, stations and airports.

The platform tracks real time what is happening at your site and eases the life of staff by providing them information about the real time location of people and objects. Simultaneously, it makes visitors’ experience straightforward and enjoyable. They find their way effortlessly around the building.

Identify and track returnable transit items

We offer wireless identification of assets, like trolleys and roll-cages, so that you can gain total visibility over your returnable transit items and are able to optimize your building's asset management.

LINKS by Confidex™ >>

Reliable data built on reliable LINKS.
Track assets reliably with Confidex RFID, NFC or Bluetooth® wireless identification products.

MYVIA by Confidex™ >>

Holistic. Predictive. Accurate.
Optimize logistics by tracking assets reliably in real-time with MYVIA by Confidex™ holistic mobile platform solution.