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Confidex’s Enhanced Automotive Product Offering Drives Digital Transformation

Confidex, a global leader of wireless solutions for the transportation, logistics, automotive and manufacturing industries, announced today its new, RFID product offering tailored to the needs of the automotive industry. Confidex’s expanded portfolio includes products serving today’s challenges in the automotive supply chain — from robust tagging for large shipping containers, to small automotive parts, and everything in between. All products are built to comply with VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) recommendations.

“Today’s auto industry faces a unique set of challenges with no tolerance for delays or supply chain failures, said Miika Pylvänäinen, Confidex Product Line Manager. “That means each party in the ecosystem must anticipate sustainable, future business models, while embracing a new digital transformation of the marketplace. Confidex’s new product offerings are designed to do just that.”

Confidex’s expanded automotive product offering includes a variety of industry- and application-specific labels and tags:

ESD On Metal Label – Designed to operate on any surface, this label is optimized for ESD protective containers. With the optional over-laminated layer covering the printing the ESD On Metal Label offers improved durability against chemicals and washing.

Carrier KLT – Carrier KLT is a VDA 4500 compliant, washable RFID label specifically designed for tracking small load carriers. It is available with an optional protective layer for better printing durability and uses the same antenna design, with proven reliable performance, as Carrier PRO.

Ironside Flag – The unique, single-screw attachment method of the Ironside Flag offers a new way to optimize the installation process. Its flexible structure ensures that the tag can sustain mechanical impacts without damage. This unique design, combined with IP69K rated protection, ensures reliable RFID tagging of metallic, returnable transport items (RTIs).

Ferrowave Flag (NEW) – The Ferrowave product line of cost-engineered, on-metal labels is expanding with a new product: the Ferrowave Flag. This label offers excellent performance and easy attachment for automotive parts tracking.

LoopTag (NEW) – Confidex’s new LoopTag is optimized for tracking hard-to-tag objects such as wires and tubes. The printer-friendly, RFID LoopTag is compliant with different diameters and is optimized to work on both metallic and plastic items.

Heatwave Ultra (Available in Q1) – The Heatwave family of high temperature tags is going to expand in Q1, 2021 with a new option targeting the car manufacturing process. Heatwave Ultra can withstand multiple heat cycles and is therefore suitable for tracking skids throughout the whole process.

“Confidex’s expanded automotive product offering provides wireless connectivity for digitalization of entire production ecosystems with state-of-the-art IoT technologies”, concludes Pylvänäinen. “With our complete RFID tag and label portfolio, customers will now be able to improve sustainability of an entire supply chain by making it more transparent, efficient and less prone to shipping errors. Customers will also be afforded greater manufacturing and authentication flexibility to manage high complexity at reduced costs, while optimizing logistics and factory operations to decrease CO2 emissions. We are truly pleased to be part of this remarkable digital transformation of the automotive industry.”