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Confidex TireTag is smaller than competitive tags, while providing best-in-class size-performance ratio due to its omni-directional antenna design

Confidex new global, embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) TireTag is designed for tire traceability throughout the complete tire life-cycle. The tag’s small size and omni-directional antenna design provide greater flexibility for both warehouse and yard management applications.

Advanced integration

The new TireTag is designed to be embedded inside a tire before the vulcanization process. The tags are based on RAIN RFID/EPCglobal Gen2v2 RFID technology, and have been tested and proven by several truck tire companies.
By integrating RFID tags within the tire at the point of manufacture, fleet operators and other end users can better track tire wear and usage, which can help control ongoing tire costs. RFID can make it easier and more efficient to track and perform regular tire maintenance, as well as identify potential problems or failures before they cause costly downtime.

The Confidex solution

The Confidex TireTag supports flexible positioning within the tire. The 40mm is smaller than other comparable tags on the market, while still providing excellent RF performance thanks to its omni-directional antenna. The Confidex tags provide a read range up to 3 meters/ 9 feet from all directions, and are compliant with the ISO 20909 and ISO 20910 standards. The tags are IP68 rated against liquids and dust, and provide resistance to common chemicals and UV exposure.

The Confidex TireTag is optimized for omni-directional tire applications, and supports maintenance yard installation scenarios, with RFID antennas installed on the ground of the yard. The tags were originally developed for truck tire manufacturers, and provide better performance compared to standard tire tags currently in use in the industry.

Greater flexibility

“RFID tracking has proven its value in tire tracking applications,” said Timo Lindström, CEO of Confidex. “The Confidex TireTag overcomes the limitations of using RFID as an embedded solution when it comes to size, placement, and read range. The new Confidex TireTag was designed to provide greater flexibility for manufacturers, while delivering better performance and reliability for end users.”

About Confidex

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